Nvidia DSR: What is it and what does it do?

Nvidia DSR stands for Dynamic Super Resolution. This is a relatively new feature of Nvidia drivers, with the dissolution of games to a higher level than is actually provided is calculated. With us you learn what brings DSR how you activate it and what performance impact should expect it if Nvidia DSR runs.

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Downsampling is a term that haunts Internet forums for several years. The feature allows graphics cards to calculate games in a higher resolution, but then scale down the image back to the resolution of the monitor - is calculated as a game for example in 4K resolution (3840&# 215; 2160 even if the monitor image (only in Full HD 1920)&# 215; 1080) is. So in the presentation of edges a much higher picture quality than with traditional anti-aliasing methods is achieved in 3D applications, especially games. Drawback: For this is of course a lot more graphics performance required. but new graphics cards provide DSR in acceptable frame rates, also can be especially older games that require less processing power, aufhübschen with DSR.

To use downsampling, was needed so far special tools like GeDoSaTo and possibly modified monitor driver. With Nividia DSR changes this. This feature provides all the advantages of downsampling and can control system be activated without additional tools directly in the Nvidia.

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Nvidia DSR &# 8211; System Requirements

To take advantage of Nvidia Nvidia DSR recommends the following Systemvoraussetuzngen:

  • NVIDIA GTX graphics card of 400, 500, 600, 700 series or later
  • The latest Nvidia drivers (DSR is available from version 344.48 WHQL Nvidia driver)

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Nvidia DSR &# 8211; so you activate it

  1. Go to the Nvidia Control Panel and open the tab 3D settings (see screenshot below).
  2. the option selected Manage 3D Settings and click on the submenu Global Settings.
  3. Scroll the list as long as down until you come to the menu item DSR Factors.
  4. Here you can set the factor by which the release of Nvidia DSR should be increased. This feature supports up to four times higher resolution than the game provided &# 8211; simply place a check mark in front of the desired magnification factor.

Nvidia DSR

Nvidia DSR is now activated in the graphics card driver. To use the feature, but you have it but still in the game itself set.

  1. Finally, you go to the game itself and makes the graphics settings up with the newly established DSR resolution.
  2. The game now runs with the corresponding DSR-resolution (for example, 3840&# 215; 2160)

Nvidia DSR &# 8211; How does it affect the performance?

It depends on the selected DSR Fakor and the game. If you increase the resolution by a factor of four to enjoy the latest games in quasi-4K, a powerful graphics card is a must. But DSR-factors of 1.5 and 2 run with some older graphics card models, for example, the GeForce 400 series. the frame rate with activated DSR is reduced course in any case. Depending on the richness of the game collapses are possible on a quarter of the frame rates in extreme cases, but in practice, expect to see a reduction by half - a game with 60 FPS then runs as with 30 FPS. Who can live with it, get with Nvidia DSR a useful feature to which you get used to fast: Especially in open-world games with high vision and many objects in the distance achieved Nvidia DSR a much better picture than "normal" anti-aliasing ,

By the way: AMD now offers downsampling on for its graphics cards. The option can be activated as "VSR" (Virtual Super Resolution) and "GPU scaling down" in the Catalyst Control Center.

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