What’s hkcmd.exe – and it’s safe?

Often you open the Windows Task Manager, or the startup management and finds a multitude of services that can not be assigned. However, before closing directly unknown services, you should inform yourself about the function and benefits. One such service, who finds himself regularly on computers is hkcmd.exe.

What's hkcmd.exe - and it's safe?

The first point to say that the service hkcmd.exe not harmful and no virus. Rather, he refers to the "Hot Key Command Module" by Intel and is used for the change of graphics settings via shortcut.

process nameHot Key Command Module
productgraphics Cards

What's hkcmd.exe?

With the process hkcmd.exe you can make changes on your desktop, display resolution, and other graphical changes without a lot of mouse clicks. Hkcmd.exe is indeed safe for everyday computer use, but takes a resource in memory. Do you want to save your RAM and avoid unnecessary work processes, you can the Hot Key include modules, especially if you do not use the keyboard shortcut for the video card. Who does not use this feature, you can kill the process via Task Manager without hesitation. To prevent the process every time you restart Windows automatically opens, you give the Windows Run menu command "msconfig". In the new window you open the tab "Startup". Away here "hkcmd.exe" the check in. Now you have to confirm the setting even with "OK". When you restart your computer, the Hot Key process Intel will no longer start automatically.

What's hkcmd.exe - and it's safe?

How can you tell whether hkcmd.exe is a virus?

Normally, the Windows process associated file "hkcmd.exe" is located in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32. It is not excluded that resourceful hackers use the file name to disguise Trojans or viruses behind it. Has her no Intel graphics card or the process is not in the folder mentioned above, you should be skeptical. Examined in this case the file hkcmd.exe with a reliable virus scanner on a possible security threat to your PC.


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