TTIP: What is it? And the right choice

This weekend, tens of thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against "TTIP" in Berlin. But what is actually TTIP? The abbreviation puts the "Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement" and "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership". In our guide you learn what causes the agreement and what dangers may hide behind it.

TTIP: What is it? And the right choice

Earlier TTIP was known as the "Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement" ( "TAFTA"). The free trade agreement should warden concluded between the EU Member States and the US and Canada.

TTIP: What is it? Advantages and objectives

In simple terms of international trade between EU countries and the USA / Canada is to be made lighter by the Agreement. The negotiations have been running since July 2013, including tariffs and trade barriers are eliminated, so that the bureaucracy is to be cleansed in the trade.

  • For residents in Europe as the import of US products to be simpler and cheaper.
  • Technical and safety standards should be unifies.
  • The aim should be, among other things, the creation of new jobs by z. B. cheaper thanks to the absence custom duties cars.
  • TTIP is thus another huge step towards globalization.
  • Companies no longer have to line up separately for the European and US market their products.


This free trade zone would affect 800 million people around the world.

However, not thousands of people have gone to applaud for the introduction of TTIP on the streets of Berlin. Rather, some problems and disadvantages might result to which the demonstrators wanted to point.

  • So be overridden by about TTIP applicable in Germany hygiene standards of food. As a result, food can find its way to Germany, which would be allowed under current standards.
  • May "Spreewald gherkins" nowadays about only in this designation are sold when they are actually grown in the relevant area, are likely to come up with the name also from Florida and Co. after TTIP goods.
  • TTIP could nullify the currently prevailing consumer and animal welfare standards in EU countries.
  • US corporations can also more easily sue European countries, should be about existing laws prevent profits. Any payment would then have the states mainly through taxes paid.
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What's TTIP? Dangers and criticism

Critics also see the danger created by the Free Trade Agreement, no new jobs, but rather existing jobs will be deleted. criticism is that, although negotiations are already underway for over one and a half years, yet little information on the current status was communicated to the outside. The competent European Commission has provided negotiation material online. TTIP opponents express still remember that genetically modified foods could easily find their way to the supermarket. Concerns about privacy and "intellectual property" are uttered.


However, German Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel promises that there will be in the course of TTIP no "lowering the standards achieved". Further information on the question "What is TTIP" are found, inter alia, the web site from the RBB and the online service of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, opposing voices, dangers and disadvantages, especially in be collected.

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