FIFA 16 – EM 2016: play tournaments with national teams

The European Championship 2016 is in the starting blocks and will return hundreds of thousands of football fans live and inspire front of the TV. Can you time not wait until then, we'll tell you in this Guide, as already enabled her with FIFA 16 the EM mode and can play tournaments with national teams even without official EURO DLC.

The year 2016 is once again all about the football. The European Football Championship 2016 will start on June 10th and lasts one month. the soccer spectacle in France is carrying. Hottest contender is probably Germany. Whether they can repeat at the World Cup in Brazil their success of two years ago? You can question already answered if you play 16 tournaments with teams from Euro 2016 in FIFA. We show you in this guide how to do it.

See here, the teams of the season of FIFA 16:

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FIFA 16: Is there an official EM DLC or -Update?

You have bought you FIFA 16 and ask you therefore, whether there is an official EM DLC? Here we must disappoint you unfortunately. 2016 Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) has this year ahead and provides you the official game of Euro 2016 at. Has its PES 2016 already, you can watch the EM update for UEFA Euro 2016 free download.

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Has its FIFA 16 you have to but not entirely give up a European Championship tournament. Although not an official EM mode is offered, but we'll show you anyway in the next paragraph how their tournaments created in which their European Championship teams rushing to today.

In FIFA 16 you your own Euro 2016 can enact - but with a few drawbacks.In FIFA 16 you your own Euro 2016 can reenact &# 8211; However, with a few drawbacks.

reenact Euro 2016 in FIFA 16 &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Since there is no official EM mode in FIFA 16, you have to play with restrictions. So you are missing the following countries in FIFA 16: Ukraine, Albania, Slovakia and Hungary. Instead of 24 national teams can you with only 16 or. 32 play. The mode and the rules of UEFA can not be transferred one to one. At the official European Championship tournament in France the respective third-placed kick in the groups also in the second round against each other. This scheme can not be set in FIFA 16th

So you play the Euro 2016 in France by:

  1. Starts at the main menu and select Custom tournament.
  2. Now click on the Tournament groups and K.O.
  3. Now give the tournament a name and sets it to 16 teams.
  4. In the advanced settings you can now choose a French stadium.
  5. Now you have to choose only the national teams, by clicking on teams at Rider International.

Here you see the EM Schedule and can download it

Read on us, as imported with Game Face your own face in FIFA 16th

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