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The GWX Control Panel (formerly GWX stopper) Download the Windows 10 upgrade disabled icon in the system tray and also prevents an update to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Update to download files in the background.

While it's nice that Microsoft Windows provides 10 free of charge; However, some users still want to not have the new operating system, because it also has some disadvantages. Anyone who has finally decided against an update, do not want to be annoyed by Microsoft with the ominous Upgrade icon in the taskbar. Readily to not get this off, this one needs a special tool like the GWX Control Panel Download.

GWX Control Panel Download: uncover Windows 10 update features on or off

The GWX Control Panel download from the Windows 10 upgrade Icon in the taskbar and prevents is Service to Windows 10 and that are downloaded in the background installation files. In addition, the tool can already remove downloaded installation files and look at the system as unwanted, Windows 10-associated settings and files.

GWX Control Panel

After downloading and launching GWX Control Panel whose program window that you display under "Information" if the app is enabled "Get Windows 10", which is responsible for the upgrade icon appears. Also, you can here to find out whether the Windows 10 update is enabled and whether Windows 10 download directories were found on your computer.

In the bottom of the program window of GWX Control Panel you can disable it via buttons the Windows 10 update functions. Specifically, you can remove the Windows 10 disable update feature, clear the update cache and delete Windows 10-Downloadverzeicnisse if they have been applied for the icon.

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  • Disables Windows 10 upgrade cameo
  • Prevents Windows 10 Update
  • Prevents downloading Windows 10 update files in the background
  • Deletes Windows 10 update directories
  • Available in English only

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