Whatsapp risks and dangers: Whatsapp collects data and ends with

What about the risks and dangers that WhatsApp brings with it? Some time ago, studied American scientists the data traffic of WhatsApp and put it firmly: WhatsApp collects diligent user data. 2016 end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp was introduced, the new findings show is apparently also not completely secure. We clear on how it looks with the WhatsApp hazards.

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Since the beginning of 2016 there is an end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp: news, videos and pictures that you sent via WhatsApp, are now much safer than before, since all content is visible only to the users involved &# 8211; so do not even WhatsApp know exactly what you sent to the instant messenger. So there is now no WhatsApp risks or hazards more? Not quite &# 8211; some points should consider her despite the new encryption.

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WhatsApp hazards: WhatsApp not 100 percent sure

The end-to-encryption sounds a like a great thing &# 8211; if you take it exactly, but every chat is still not encrypted.

  • The function is indeed imported automatically with the latest update, so that the encryption attacks, but must every participant the update to perform.
  • Missing the update in an interlocutor of the entire chat as usual is not encrypted.
  • You recognize the fact that the lock icon for the end-to-encryption is missing in this case.
  • If you noticed (and emphasis on secure communication sets), you should your interlocutor so ask to perform the update.

But more interesting is the fact that WhatsApp with the new encryption can collect meta-data of the user. The Instant Messenger can no longer see, What is notified &# 8211; who, when communicating with whom, WhatsApp but do continue. For example, if you want to hire a lawyer to set up a front company in the South Seas for you &# 8211; Keyword Panama Papers &# 8211; could not decrypt the content of the conversation WhatsApp &# 8211; that you wrote the lawyer, but could easily understand.

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That sounds relatively unspectacular at first: In fact, this meta-information but sometimes much more valuable than the actual data. Intelligence, for example, use this data to analyze communication networks and uncover &# 8211; WhatsApp in the groups that is still extremely easy.

WhatsApp the way, makes no secret of that meta-data such as time, date and phone number are stored. In the Geschäftsbedigungen of WhatsApp clearly states:

Notwithstanding the above, WhatsApp may retain date and time stamp information associated with successfully delivered messages and the mobile phone numbers Involved in the messages, as well as any other information Which WhatsApp is legally Compelled to collect.

WhatsApp risk: Encryption is not open source

In addition, the encryption of WhatsApp used now is not open source software. Although the software is considered safe &# 8211; after all, it comes from Open Whisper Systems, the company that has developed as recommended by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden Chat App signal.

In contrast to the signal WhatsApp encryption is not open source, that is, not everyone can see the code and search it for possible backdoors errors. In the end, so you have to trust that WhatsApp and the parent company Facebook use encryption properly and without exceptions and that there is no possible security holes.

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Exactly that but it seems to hapern. As The Guardian writes, WhatsApp is to have a back door, which is implemented since (at least) June 2016th Thus, WhatsApp has supposedly on the way to generate new keys for offline users. Thus WhatsApp would theoretically be able to read the messages the user despite end-to-end encryption.

the gap of the security experts Tobias Boelter was found. Compared with the Guardian he testified that WhatsApp could give access to content through the exchange of keys and governments. As reported Boelter the gap to WhatsApp's parent company Facebook, they told him there, that this is a &# 8220; expected behavior&# 8221; handle and Facebook is aware of the problem. However, you do not actively working on fixing.

Without falling now in scaremongering and paint the devil on the wall: According to Guardian this gap exists apparently still &# 8211; in this light, then the end-to-end encryption does not appear yet so sure if she has ever done it. And that the mother WhatsApp Facebook still has a lot of interest to the user data of its customers, is not a big secret.

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WhatsApp risks: WhatsApp collects user data

but beyond that threaten other dangers and risks associated with WhatsApp. studied a few years ago researchers at the University of New Haven the data traffic, which results in voice telephony from WhatsApp &# 8211; specifically they took the Android app WhatsApp targeted. The scientists analyzed while the content that will be sent with WhatsApp-call phone conversations with the protocol FunXMPP to WhatsApp. The result is not very encouraging: During a telephone conversation with WhatsApp, among others, the phone numbers, the time of the call, the call duration, and used audio codec are transmitted to the WhatsApp server.

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The researchers stressed that they had not specifically looked for vulnerabilities in the WhatsApp app and the protocol FunXMPP. The aim of the study was to develop a better understanding of how you can read data from WhatsApp and other popular messenger services. They also expressed concerns that WhatsApp have never made promises to the contrary. Brand new, the findings are not however: A few months ago the tech blogger had (and former Giga-Editor) Jens Herforth reported that WhatsApp call apparently saves phone calls. The company had denied the allegations and stresses that only an internal trial use this feature to improve the voice quality of the calls.

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Tips for avoiding risks WhatsApp

Despite the newly introduced end-to-end encryption (which, for example, are in iMessage Apple has long), WhatsApp and WhatsApp call are so far from being safe. To conclude and summarize a few simple tips that you should follow her to avoid general risks when using WhatsApp. Lest BEYOND also these articles: Tip &# 8211; WhatsApp privacy settings.

  • If you do not want that others can see when you were last online, you can hide the Last online status.
  • In addition, you should want to entice you to enter into subscriptions their ads, ignore, if you will not fall in subscription traps.
  • As always, the Internet, Go careful with your data &# 8211; really important things and personal data should not share on WhatsApp her.

More tips can be found in the article WhatsApp Security: Encryption, information, tips and tricks. Information about the data usage of WhatsApp call we show you here: WhatsApp: phone calls - data usage: WhatsApp call reasonable?


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