Rocket League: Cars – so it turns all vehicles free

Cars take on football. Thus, the fun arcade title Rocket League can best be described. But what kind of cars actually compete for Gekicke? We provide you the vehicles with which you can chase the ball a little more closely before and also tell you the activation conditions for each vehicle in the game.

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Rocket League turns out after a short time as a simple, but immensely more fun Fun Racer in which you have to maneuver balls into the goal of your opponent with small rocket-powered runabouts. Here it is full the laws of physics and flies in the hunt for the ball through the arena. You have to do to unlock more cars in Rocket League, We tell you below.

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Rocket League: unlock cars

In the basic version of the game you have the choice between 11 cars and vehicles. Not all are initially available and you will most only during the game to unlock. After completed matches get her both new vehicles and Automotive Parts for Upgrade. Only in a car there is an exception. In the following picture gallery you can watch every vehicle and remove the table below the requirements for submission.

Gallery Rocket League: All cars at a glance

  • (Figure 1.11):Backfire -
  • (Figure 2.11):Breakout -
  • (Figure 3.11):Gizmo -
  • (4/11):Hotshot -
  • (Figure 5.11):Merc -
  • (Figure 6.11):Octane -
  • (Figure 7.11):Road Hog -
  • (Figure 8.11):paladin
  • (Figure 9.11):Sweet Tooth
  • (Figure 10.11):Venom
  • (Picture 11/11):X-Devil

 automobile Activation conditions
 Gizmo available from start
 Octane available from start
 Road Hog available from start
 X-Devil available from start
 Backfire Random profit after a match
 Breakout Random profit after a match
 Hotshot Random profit after a match
 Merc Random profit after a match
 paladin Random profit after a match
 Venom Random profit after a match
 Sweet Tooth To win by any other vehicle in the game a match

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