Fallout 4: creatures in the wasteland (Update: Far Harbor)

In Fallout 4 you learn at the beginning of your journey through a wasteland know the diverse creatures. Most are malignant and have a strange - 200 years radioactive radiation now pay times their toll.

Do you still is early in the game, can be overwhelmed her quickly with the large number of monsters in Fallout 4th Who is you good and who's bad minded? What are the weaknesses of the monsters? And above all, I lie down with level 10 already with a glowing ghoul on? We will answer these and other questions you in this Fallout 4-guide to the creatures in the Badlands.

In Fallout 4, there are a variety of creatures and monsters that you make life difficultIn Fallout 4, there are a variety of creatures and monsters that you make life difficult

Fallout 4 - creatures, monsters and other pests in detail

In addition to the peaceful creatures like the Brahmin or RAD Hirsch met her at the beginning of the game, that together with the Minutemen, a Todeskralle. This fight is already clear that it is here to much tougher monsters as they encountered to date RAD cockroaches or Blähfliegen.

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Therefore ye are ideally equipped for the battle with the creatures in Fallout 4, we showed you a selection of 5 evil monsters together and give you tips on how to emerge victorious from the battle.

A Brahmin is one of the few creatures in the wasteland that is disposed towards you peacefullyA Brahmin is one of the few creatures in the wasteland that is disposed towards you peacefully

Be on the lookout for all localities of the Behemoth and the Mirelurk Queen? We have created a separate guide for you.

RAD Scorpio: Toxic and radioactive

RAD Scorpions have a long history in the Fallout series. Of them, there are several subspecies, which are different in size and strong. They mutated from the North American emperor scorpions, which were available before the Great War in some pet stores.

The RAD-Scorpio is indeed toxic, but your problem are the tongsThe RAD-Scorpio is indeed toxic, but your problem are the tongs

RAD scorpions appear again and then, if ye near soft ground located. You can dig since the 4th part of the Fallout series and persecute you underground. Since they are very fast, the prosecution also succeeds mostly. The Scorpions are indeed toxic, But your biggest problem likely to Pliers be that crush you in seconds. We therefore recommend the handle to the shotgun. With aimed shots between the eyes, the problem is likely to have done quickly.

RAD scorpion hunter22350452520035
Shining RAD Scorpio30450754520045
Albino RAD Scorpio386751006020060
RAD Scorpio Stalker468501208520090
RAD Scorpio Predator54950135100250100
Skull RAD Scorpio64+1115+150120300115

* SR = damage resistance, ER = Energy Resistance, GR = Poison Resistance

Luminous Green and quick healing

Bright are a Subspecies of Ghouls. They were once humans, but have so much radiation gotten that they now glow from within. The problem with them is that they mutate, and can heal it. They also give off a lot of radiation, which is why ye should not approach them.

Although a Shining striking, but not so easy to defeatAlthough a Shining striking, but not so easy to defeat

Even if they already dead , they shine even and hurt you. Bright are just as fast as normal ghouls. So you should them from a safe shooting distance in the legs and then execute.

decayed Shining406507515020075
bloated Shining5840040+80+20035

Mirelurk: armored and protected

Mirelurks come from the Horseshoe crabs from mutated and are due to the radiation. Now they consist of a hard shell, under which they also like to hide. Shots on these can not do much harm to Mirelurks.

The Mirelurk Queen has a hard shell but a soft center that you have to make sureThe Mirelurk Queen has a hard shell but a soft center that you have to make sure

Dunk with lightning speed from any waters and spit on you with poison. After that you have to run backwards and mercilessly shoot at those things. Pushes the radioactive cancer the tanks back and starts the melee attack, it's time to move into battle mode. Aimed at the face and shoots off on it. This soft core is the Achilles heel of the monsters in Fallout 4th

Mirelurk King303509525025075
Mirelurk Deep King4040011027525035
Shining Mirelurk King50+400+110+275+25045
Mirelurk Queen50+1000150200Immune150

Yao Guai: large and fast

Yao Guai are the result when radioactive radiation to brown or black bears meets. They are not only as strong as the initial bear, but can be incredibly due to mutation run fast.

Cross between a bear and wolf complacent? The Yao Guai is powerful and fastCross between a bear and wolf complacent? The Yao Guai is powerful and fast

The Fallout 4 monster get their name by the way by a former detention camp, which existed before the Great War. The descendants of Chinese prisoners are called Yao Guai. It's actually not matter on what you shoot the animal, they can take a lot of damage. For this reason, have the Mines proven for Yao Guais. Sets consisting of, luring them out of their hiding place and just above the mines that have placed her there. If you are lucky, the procedure breaks off a leg of the creature, that ye may have easier time. With the perk "animal lover" you can tame a Yao Guai. but He does not attack other animals in, but at your command other people.

Crippled Yao Guai1635040255550
Yao Guai26550604060100
Shaggy Yao Guai36700755570130
Shining Yao Guai46900906080165
Albino Yao Guai5610001007090175
Yao Guai fanatical66110010085100185
Dusky Yao Guai76+1175+100100125200

Todeskralle: massive and deadly

Deathclaws are already known players from old Fallout parts. Since Fallout 3 they pierce armor like paper and have thus become more deadly. One can say that this creature one of the strongest in the Badlands is.

Hard to believe that the death claw comes from a small chameleonHard to believe that the death claw comes from a small chameleon

Deathclaws descended from actually existing animals, namely the Dreihornchamäleon. Before the Great War, the US military wanted to create a creature, replaced the soldiers in dangerous situations. Together with the DNA of other species, the Todeskralle was it. The weak spot This monster is the belly. Because of the speed that can produce such an animal but that's pretty difficult. Using the drug Jet the fight can be played in slow motion, which gives you some time to miss the monsters from Fallout 4 enough shot in the abdomen.

Alpha Todeskralle31800+15030025075
Bright Todeskralle411000+20035025090
Todeskralle Matriarch51760+225275250105
Wild Todeskralle61910+250400250120
Albino Todeskralle711060+275400250135
Chameleon Todeskralle811210+300400250150
Mythical Todeskralle91+1360+300400250175
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New creatures with the Far Harbor DLC

With the DLC Far Harbor for Fallout 4 came not only new quests and a new companion called the old Longfellow to also new creatures and monsters chasing you around the island. Most creatures are also restores normal animals mutated by the radiation and are now larger and more aggressive. We show you below the toughest monsters, which can meet you on Far Harbor and how you defeated the best.

Yaw: hidden and erratic

Snaking are a kind Salamander, mutated by the atomic bomb. You can hang on trees and so frighten you in some moments. but they attack you not only from above, but often live under water and hide here. In wetlands they can slide and thus move faster. The rolling occurs on the island in different sizes.

Snaking hide in trees or under water and are masters of surprise.Snaking hide in trees or under water and are masters of surprise.

Angler: bright and sharp

Angler fish once lived in the sea &# 8211; but then the war came and with it the radiation. Now they are mutated and dare to the surface. With your sharp teeth take them to their enemies through the wringer and kill them quickly. their small lamp before their eyes light up whenever they are in the area of ​​enemies. This helps you to recognize them in the dark. They are fast and dangerous, so beware. Fits particularly on pretty water flowers on. Angler masquerade as these and snap at you as soon as you come near it.

Angler waiting below the water surface until its prey approaches.Angler waiting below the water surface until its prey approaches.

The angler absorbs the mist around it and spit it in the form of a radioactive ball in your direction. Have a fisherman flower spotted her, should you your V.A.T.S. turn and after them the lookout to get not only into an ambush. The angler can find in different variations on the island:

  • shining anglers
  • Albino anglers
  • poisonous Fish

Nebelkriecher: huge and armored

In Far Haror there are creatures that much big as a Todeskralle are. They call themselves Nebelkriecher and mutated Mantises. They are swift, armored and have two absolutely deadly claws. They are about as big as a behemoth or Mirelurk Queen. Nebelkriecher absorb a lot of damage, which is why they need their persistent shelling with everything you have. Be careful, if the Nebelkriecher jumping in the air. He then suggests namely with full force on the ground and caused much damage. Soaked this ground attacks dating back as far as possible. To this variations you will meet:

  • Shining Nebelkriecher and Legendary luminous Nebelkriecher
  • Creeping Nebelkriecher and Legendary Creeping Nebelkriecher
  • Colorless Nebelkriecher
  • Legendary sick Nebelkriecher
  • Mad Nebelkriecher and Legendary angry Nebelkriecher
  • Ghostly Nebelkriecher
  • (Only visible during a side mission) Ship Breakers
The Nebelkriecher is fast and deadly. Its size is first scary.The Nebelkriecher is fast and deadly. Its size is first scary.

Hermit Crab: Oh my God!

The hermit crabs in the DLC Far Harbor differ only &# 8220; slightly&# 8221; from those that existed before the war. Apart from their huge size, they are normal cancers. Since them but normal tanks no longer fit, they look for rusted cars or food carts as a new dwelling from. Therefore, pay attention to any kind of car, which you approach. The hermit crab shoots with eggs around, which hatch small crustaceans that you further weaken. However, they move very slowly and are about as rare as Behemoth, which is why you've got to not often care for them.

Even the concept drawing of the hermit crab' zeigt, wie riesig die mutierte Form ist.Even the concept drawing of the hermit crab&8217; shows how huge the mutated form.

Discovered her a carriage with the inscription &# 8220; Lobster Grill&# 8221 ;, should take care of her. Ironically, here a giant hermit crab hiding. It takes a while, until the cancer is revealed. In the time you can use up a lot of volleys. In addition, it brings you nothing if you fire at the car. You have to hit the cancer. Attention: Actually, you attack the crabs only when you are close to them off. However, they also search actively for their prey, which include survivors in the Commonwealth. you are in the vicinity of a hermit crab&# 8217 ;, it is possible that such a monster suddenly standing next to you. In other guides, we tell you where the best weapons or the various magazine ranks are as hidden as the Wasteland Survival Guide.

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