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When the usually reliable Google Chrome browser completely gives up the ghost and partout not want to start, the concern is great. Suddenly installed on the computer a virus? Do I need to format the PC? Before you think of such things, but checked first if Chrome has been completed correctly and that it is not blocked by a security software.

Leading her the browser after a program crash again and Google Chrome does not start, checked but once whether the browser was ever completely finished. Sometimes it may happen that the program window has vanished, but the process still hangs in the background and prevents re-run the program. Opens this Task Manager by right clicking on the taskbar and select the option &Start Task Manager; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Now looking under the tab &# 8220; processes&# 8221; after &# 8220; chrome.exe&# 8221; (Tip: If you click on the table head &Image name; # 8220&# 8221; clicks, it sorts the processes alphabetically). By right-clicking on the process and a spirited &# 8220; End Process&# 8221; terminieret her all background activities of Chrome. now try again to restart Google Chrome.

Google Chrome does not startin the background if still running chrome.exe processes, a new program window can be opened

Google Chrome does not start Solution: do not launch Chrome as an administrator

One reason for the problem is that Google Chrome does not start, may lie in the design parameters of the program: Do you have any attempts to run Google Chrome as an administrator? Some programs run faster and more stable with administrator privileges, but there is sometimes an increased security risk to your computer is when you equip a program with administrator privileges. Google Chrome, however, does not work with administrator privileges because the program to access certain data in the user directory, which are not available for the admin user. Therefore, Google Chrome always starts as a regular user.

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Google Chrome does not start: The problems with security software

Manufacturer Google itself states that already have problems in connection with certain anti-virus and firewall applications have occurred. Turns your security software temporarily and is now trying to launch Google Chrome to check this. the browser starts regularly, you have to Chrome Add an exception rule in your security software. Remember to start following your firewall or the antivirus program to protect your computer.

If the above steps all have not worked, for better or worse no way to reinstall the Chrome browser passes. Pay attention to uninstall Google Chrome completely and erase the user directories before you undertake a new installation. In addition, you should always install the latest version of Google Chrome.

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