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Those who do not always want to see only the program of the public and the private channels, is an extensive additional offer with Sky in terms of sports, series and movies. But what is it when you can not receive Sky or book for no long subscription? Are there viable alternatives Sky?


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Sky offers several packages that can be booked individually or combined. Who does not feel like football, but wants to see the latest series like The Walking Dead, decides about the entertainment offer, you get Ronaldo, Messi and Co. not enough and want to see from different perspectives, such as Nico Rosberg by darkest corners in Monaco, you get everything you need with the sports package. Depending on your taste, you can find one or the other useful Sky alternative.

Current Sky offers at a glance*

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Sky Alternatives: Where can you see Formula 1 and more live sports Bundesliga?

Especially for football fans Sky is the first port of call when it comes to provide themselves with live broadcasts. All games of the first and second Bundesliga and Champions League and a variety of selected Europa League games are only available on pay-TV channels.

  • With the Bundesliga package, there are all the games of the 34th game day live and in full length and also in the conference.
  • The Sport package brings the matches of the Champions and Europa League at the screen.
  • After the games, there is a detailed summary of all gates and highlights.
  • The games and highlights are repeated regularly so that you miss a goal after the final whistle.
  • Alternatively, you can switch on Sky Go to highlight videos for self-selected online one of the highlight videos.
  • With the Sky + Receiver you can also record all programs and such. See example broadcasts of the matches at a later date.

Sky alternatives for Bundesliga soccer, movies and more at a glance

Who does not want to see the games live, but simply want to only look at the gates of the football games that can use the following Sky alternatives:

  • The streaming Serves DAZN provides short after the match, a summary of Bundesliga games in the stream.
  • The same offer is found in image * Plus. Both services are chargeable.
  • A few days after matchday one can see at the * Bundesliga summaries also free.
  • Who wants to miss a goal, can follow away from Sky all Bundesliga games in online radio on There is also the German game in the Champions League.
  • In the linear TV program there are the gates of the first division in the sports show or in the "current gym".
  • The gates of the second Bundesliga shows Sport1 on Friday and Sunday.
  • Completely free all the goals in the UEFA Champions League can and important Europa League games are viewed on Sky Sports HD on YouTube. A pay-TV subscription is not required. However, the games are only limited on call.

Who would generally watch football live, but does not insist on the need to see live Bundesliga is supplied with DAZN around. In addition to the highlights of the German league, there are almost daily live football here. Among other games are here from the English "Premier League", Serie A, Primera Division or from South American leagues live for retrieval. Sport1 shows as part of the program Goooal! ánd Score goals of the best football leagues.

Sky alternatives for sports fans

DAZN provides many other sports, which are not available on Sky. Mainly US sports fans with games of the NFL, NHL and NBA their money. Even Formula 1 fans need not necessarily book a Sky subscription to watch all the races of the season. For years the broadcast rights on free TV are at RTL. At each race weekend there at the private channel the race live, also qualifying and practice sessions can be followed here.

Watching a soccer match in the television, with a tv remote control in the hand

Tennis fans can see the Grand Slams like "French Open" or "US Open" at Euro Sport. Smaller tournaments, there are free online at Alternative Sky shows, however, the major event "Wimbledon" on TV.

Alternative to Sky subscription: Sky-Ticket

For film and series fans there are some Sky alternatives. Sky, however, numerous Kracher has exclusively secured. Who z. B. wants to see the new seasons of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones without waiting in Germany, can not get to Sky.

If you want to see on TV no films and one has not the wherewithal for regular admissions, you easily booked access at one of the many VoD streaming services. Whether max cathedrals, Netflix or Amazon Prime, all services have their advantages and disadvantages as well as differences in film and series deal. To gain an insight into the program, these alternatives offer -anders as Sky a free trial month after the initial login.

test max cathedrals free*

Even Sky not slept through the streaming service, of course. In a classic pay-TV subscription, in which her Sky program through the receiver or a CI + module brings to the screen, you have to usually one or bind the seller two years. Flexible working the Sky ticket offer. This is available in three versions:

  • Sky Entertainment
  • Sky Cinema
  • Sky Supersport

Book sky without much SUBSCRIPTION*

Sky alternatives for Bundesliga soccer, movies and more at a glance

All tickets provide access to the contents of the respective Sky area. As with Netflix, DAZN and Co. is billed monthly, just as a termination at the end of each month is possible. A long contract commitment does not apply. you can receive the broadcasts from the Sky ticket via apps on the smartphone or tablet, in addition, there are several solutions that you can get the Sky ticket Stream on the TV.

&Half; # 8220&# 8221; legal Sky Alternatives

Of course, want to bring films, series and live football for free at the man also numerous offers can be found on the net. Especially in recent films that run or in cinemas live football broadcasts should be skeptical, however. Typically, this content is provided online without a license. A final jurisdiction if the reputation of these streams is illegal, it is not true, but one way or another warning has been sent out in such cases. In addition, these streams are often only found in poor quality and overloaded with advertising that lets you fall in bad cases into a subscription trap or brings a Trojan on the computer.

On the web, there are also providers that offer you pay-TV programs from abroad. In Poland as live Bundesliga matches are shown on Eurosport 2. Also from the reception of such stations, however, is not recommended. The pay-TV reception abroad is according to terms of the providers usually prohibited. There is therefore a risk that smart cards blocked or found other ways to stop receiving. Conditions in the Sky *Sky alternatives for Bundesliga soccer, movies and more at a glance is it about "The customer may not the program outside the official distribution range of Sky (Germany and Austria) received" with suppliers from abroad can expect a similar passage. In addition, the games are of course equipped with a foreign commentator. In case of Cyfra card you would have such. bring as Polish knowledge to enjoy the Bundesliga games.

With the presented alternatives to Sky it also comes at a small price or even free of charge to the desired content, the Sky-Ticket brings you also the Sky program on the screen without having to enter into a long subscription.

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