GTA 5 trophies and achievements: Guide to 100% – All the achievements (Update: Free with fashion events DLC and Heists-DLC)

GTA 5 is one of the games highlights 2013. Many of you are likely the main story has been completed. But that does not mean at all that you can put aside the adventures of Los Santos. In addition to the prospect of several Easter Eggs to all GTA applies five trophies, or to collect achievements, and complete the game 100%. What tasks have to do it to 100% to finish GTA 5 and collect all the trophies, learn it here.

GTA 5 trophies and achievements: Guide to 100% - All the achievements (Update: Free with fashion events DLC and Heists-DLC)

To launch the game from Rockstar was able to record the same seven Guinness World Records, including the best-selling game in the first 24 hours after release, as well as the record for the top-selling entertainment media within 24 hours. Even after the story of the game is far from over. Find out here, as you all Trophies in GTA 5 can reach.

Update: Rockstar Editor and Free fashion events DLC for PS4 and Xbox One (September 2015)

In September 2015, the latest major update for GTA 5, which inserts the Free fashion events in the game follows. With the DLC also new trophies and achievements in GTA 5 will be added, the complete overview of new Achievements can be found here:


  • Visionary of Vinewood: Create and export a video with the Rockstar Editor
  • People in Los Santos: Unlock all special characters free and enters the Director mode with one of them
  • Directorial debut: Entering the director mode for the first time with an unlocked actor such
  • Animal Lovers: Entering the director mode for the first time with an animal freitgeschalteten
  • Cult film enters the Regis your mode as Cris Fromage
  • Movies worlds: Visits in director mode all places
  • Method acting: Entering the director mode with one of your own GTA Online Characters


  • Filmography: Create and export 10 videos with the Rockstar Editor
  • The entire ensemble: Unlock all characters Stroy-free and enters the Director mode with one of them.
  • Cryptozoologist: You have all the animals released for Director Mode &# 8211; or not?

Any changes in the current DLC we show you heir: GTA Online &# 8211; Free fashion events &# 8211; all new game modes Free Mode Overview

6466GTA Online: trailer for FreeMode Events UpdateStart Photogallery(29 images)GTA 5 cars: This super sports car must be in every garage

Update: GTA 5: trophies in Heists update

On March 10, Rockstar Games keep supplies. Then the long-awaited Heists update is published. This brings you new addition to game content and missions, other trophies in GTA 5. In total there will be nine new achievements in GTA 5 with the release of Heists. To attend a Heist least four players are provided whose character must have at least Level 12th The list can be found, waiting for what new challenges await you her. In brackets you'll find the gamerscore points that exist for Heist Trophies. The value of the trophy is not yet known.

  • Shotcaller (10) - Invest your hard earned cash to set up a heist.
  • Four Way (10) - As Heist Leader set the final cut as 25% across all players.
  • Live a Little (50) - Spend a total of $ 8,000,000 purchasing vehicles included as part of The Heists update.
  • Can not touch this (30) - Complete a final Heist without taking any damage.
  • Mastermind (50) - Earn 25 platinum medals across Heist setups and final.
  • Be Prepared (10) - Complete a mission Heist Setup.
  • In the Name of Science (30) - Complete The Humane Labs Raid and Series A Funding as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • Dead Presidents (30) - Complete The Fleeca Job and The Pacific standard job as Heist Leader or Crew.
  • Parole Day (30) - Complete The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew.
41032GTA Online: Heists trailer

GTA 5 trophies: the list

A total of 50 Trophies you can collect GTA fifth Have garnered her all success, your Gamerscore account rises to the Xbox by a total of 1230 points, with 675 Gamerscore points and 32 Achievements in single player mode and 325, and 17 wait in GTA 5 Online to you. , Find out here how you step by step all GTA 5 Trophies Collect can:

trophyYou have to do?GamerscoreKind of trophy
Welcome to Los SantosFollows the story10bronze
Revived FriendshipComplete the mission "Fame or Shame" from10bronze
A good day's payComplete the mission "Caida Libre" from10bronze
The moment of truthComplete the mission "the hatchet" from10bronze
Hard as diamondCloses the robbery "The jewel robbery" from20bronze
SubversiveCloses the "Merryweather-robbery" from20bronze
lightningCloses the robbery "blitz" from20bronze
Small town, big dealCloses the robbery "The thing in Paleto" from20bronze
Sucker for the governmentCloses the "Bureau Raid" from20bronze
The big thing!Includes the attack "The big thing" from20bronze
Live or Die in Los SantosCloses the last mission from40silver
Pure Gold, Baby!Collect 70 gold medals in the story and by "strangers and freaks" missions60gold
professional criminalsComplete the game to 100% *100gold
Home in San AndreasCovers the entire card, including islands and peripheral regions in (ideally with helicopter / plane)30silver
Free travel for wealthy citizensBuys the property Downtown Cab and completed a private taxi10bronze
TP Industires: Armor aerial raceBuys the McKenzie-airfield and done every 5 arms shipment orders in Buggie and aircraft10bronze
versatile talentedHolt each a gold medal in the following activities: - Flugschule- shooting range Geländerennen- Seerennen- Straßenrennen- Triathlon30silver
From beyond the starsCollect all 50 spaceship parts and brings them to Omega15bronze
A solved puzzleCollect 50 letter snippets and solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson15bronze
waste disposalBuys the old dock in the northwest and gathers 30 barrels of nuclear waste15Btonze
red mistComplete all missions with Trevor rampage20bronze
Aiming highCompletes all Monster Stunts30bronze
Kifflom!Visited as Michael the website makes the personality test www.epsilonprogram.comund. When the test you're looking at the blue question mark on the GTA 5 map and complete the mission. Follow the instructions in the mail and donates. Now you have to organize the following vehicles for the Epsilon cult: - Pegassi Vecca- Benefactor Surano- Enus Super Diamond Dinka Double T declasse Tornado Did you $ 2 million in the account, you can buy directly in the network, rolling, otherwise examined the city abFolgt again the instructions and provides 2 x $ 5000th Opens the sequence www.epsilonprogramm the page / store and buys the official epsilon robe. Wear them as Michael 10 in-game days. You can also go to bed and save to shorten the time. Brecht the storage process with circle it. Follow the instructions of the missions. Upon completion of the Epsilon program you will receive approximately $ 2 million back to your account and the trophy "Kifflom!"30silver
Three Man ArmyCollect all the main characters in a vehicle and procured you three star wanted rating. Now Survived at least three minutes.20bronze
Too deep for youFloats out to sea, waiting until a red dot appears. Make your way there and let's eat you from the shark5bronze
Acolyte of altruistsSome random missions you bring the person does not get to the desired location, but puts them in the altruists from ( "A" on the map).5bronze
A pile of gravelGive from 200 million US dollars20bronze
Real Exchange ProfessionalGains in stock trading more than you have invested10bronze
The emergency numberGets Level 20 Merryweather and pick you for the $ 5,000 support5bronze
close affairFly among a total of 50 bridges by and by knife-edge with an airplane sideways between 15 buildings by20bronze
Los Santos CustomsTune a vehicle complete- Carbon Frontstossstange- Carbon Motorhaube- Rims: Sport, Diamond Cut Dark Brown Tunin tires, bulletproof, blue Reifenqualm- Finish: Matt primary, blue, secondary: Metallic, carbonschwarz- Engine: EMS at level 4 - license plate "blue on white 3" - armor to 100% - police Hupe- racing brakes

-          racing gear

-          Spoiler: Drift wings

-          Turbo Tuning

-          Competition suspension

-          Xenon headlights

Wanted: Dead or aliveTake for Trevor the missions of Maude on, search for the first refugee in Davis Quartz and begin the first refugees alive for. As by precipitation (RT / R2)10bronze
Souped-up weaponModifies a weapon completely10bronze
gta-v-epsilon programBe part of the Epsilon program to the GTA 5 Trophy &# 8220; Kifflom!&# 8221; to obtain

GTA 5 Trophies: list for GTA Online

Get out of the planeEnds the Introduction5bronze
small time crookAchieved Rank 2510bronze
made a nameAchieved Rank 5030silver
Above the lawAchieved Rank 10080gold
Numero UnoGet yourself in all competitions the first place: - Deathmatch Team Deatchmatch- GTA race- Rally- race- Luftrennen- Seerennen- Survived ten waves in Überlebenskampf- Arm Wrestling

-          Darts

-          gold

-          tennis

-          Skydive

-          Shooting range target grid, hidden objectives and random targets

Midnight ClubWin five races in a tuned car (at least one performance-enhancing upgrade) - In order to get faster to the success itself hosting a race in the closed lobby with an invited friend and activated "own vehicle"20bronze
unnatural selectionCompleted all ten waves of survival successful (at level 15, following the call from Ron)20bronze
Passenger careerProfits as a passenger in a race Rally Mode10bronze
Dead or aliveSurvive one day with a set bounty - Simple: Start a solo game in GTA Online, stealing cars until you two get SMS. now awaits a match day, and 48 real minutes. However, moves you every 15 minutes in order not to be disconnected20bronze
Good workSurvive a speed attack and kill at least ten opponents (level 18)10bronze
ExcellentEarn 30 Platinum Awards50silver
Self-appointed treasurerLeads raids on 20 shutters (as in the Introduction Mission stated)10bronze
Nice stayPlunges you into all GTA online activities. A player is required here. At level 8 you can use all activities: - new hairstyle Tattoo playing golf tennis darts Private Lapdance- shooting stand-Übung- arm-wrestling buys new clothes

-          Laden raid


Part of the crewSilk crew member with a job5bronze
Full reimbursementWere you robbed her, bringing the thief to the track10bronze
Emergency numberGets Merryweather support (level 20)5bronze
The American dreamBuys an apartment with a garage on the Internet and turns off a vehicle10bronze

GTA 5 trophies: How can I get in GTA 5 100%? checklist

To the GTA 5 Trophy "Professional criminals" collect and also to get the fame among your colleagues, you have to GTA 5 to 100% to lock. For this you have to completely quit, but conclude additional challenges not only the story. Performs the following tasks for 100% in GTA 5:

  • Complete all story missions
  • Completed 14 of 57 random events
  • Closes when Franklin from all attacks by Lester
  • Complete all towing missions for Tonya
  • Help paparazzi Beverly in all missions
  • Completes four risk missions Dom
  • Complete the mission "Hard work" for Hao from
  • Franklin concludes with all missions at Barry from
  • Franklin concludes with all fanatics missions
  • Complete the mission Marry Ann: Exorcism with Michael from
  • Give yourselves a dance in strip club
  • Worried you a date in strip club
  • Give yourselves a round of fun with a prostitute
  • Walking with dog Chop walk and play
  • Wins all five road races
  • Wins all four Seerennen
  • Wins six off-road racing
  • Creates in three rounds at the shooting range at least bronze at each weapon
  • Holt least Bronze on all lessons at the flight school
  • Play a game of tennis ever, gold and darts alone
  • Go with a friend in the bar, in the strip store and the movies and games in society Darts
  • Buying a car on the Internet
  • Buys five properties
  • Completed 25 of 50 Monster Stunts
  • 8 flying knife Flights
  • 25 flies under bridges by
  • Collect 50 letter excerpts
  • Collect 50 spaceship parts (Omega)
  • Completed all base jumps and parachute jumps
  • Completed three triathlon race

Log ye with your PSN or Xbox Live account with Rockstar Social Club one, you will receive a GTA 5-paid and you can also see which tasks you are still missing to reach 100%.

Have you reached the 100%, even for some surprises in Los Santos on you, for. As a close encounter of the third kind and a meet & Greet with Bigfoot. Learn more about this in the overview of the GTA 5 Easter Eggs.

Missed nor the GTA 5 app for iOS and iFruit iFruit for Android.

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