Beat your Host: Live Stream and TV broadcast the last show today

Stefan Raab did not lie down in 2015 to be lazy and now presents the next series of &# 8220; Beat Raab&# 8221; .Gleichzeitig there is the final today &Raab difference; # 8220&# 8221; the entertainer of the German TV stage. This weekend, it goes to the last duel between the entertainer and a fit candidate. Today, there are jackpot dust off 1.5 million euros again. You can now track the Raab in the live stream and TV and so experience * whether Raab may have the upper hand in the last duel at Pro7 to beat.

Beat your Host: Live Stream and TV broadcast the last show today

In previous editions Raab could go at least 38 times as a winner from the field and can thus still have a positive winning rate of over 70%. The December mission today is the last edition of Beat the Star. It starts today at 20:15 on ProSieben. Without TV connection you can turn * and follow the Raab online so blow with Magine for ProSieben live stream. The stream is you both in the browser on the PC, as well as on Android tablet and &# 8211; Smartphone and iPhone and iPad available.

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Beat your Host: Live Stream and TV broadcast the last show today

See the impact Raab live stream online &# 8211; Guests at Raab eliminated from December 2015

Alternatively, brings you the Zattoo Beat your Host live stream on the PC screen, Android, iPhone or iPad. It starts with Beat the Star on Saturday, 18 December at 20:15. When the show ends, is now open again, depending on the course of the individual competitions. A total of 15 games are provided again. The number of points depends on the current number of the round. However, any games must not be played, but only so many until the leader can not be obtained from the counterparty in recent ausbleibendenden competitions.

After eight years now including the era of ends &# 8220; Beat Raab&# 8221 ;. At the same moderator Steven Gätjen ProSieben today goodbye. In the web site of Pro7 you can have a look at the highlights and best excerpts from shock throw the Raab.

impact-see-raab-onlineOld episodes of Beat your Host can you again in the Pro 7 library in the browser view

: old episodes Beat your Host in Stream

Since 2006, candidates can compete with the TV presenter Total since 54 issues in various athletic demanding, funny or brain power demanding competitions. 38 duels the entertainer could decide for itself last sichder had Feinwerkmechaniker Mark, before the youth coach of RB Leipzig Robert beaten. It had to do with consistently challenging opponents Raab. Whether Olympian, a soldier or a top athlete, Raab has topped them all. Here, the entertainer has quite a number of injuries from the past 50 strike carried the Raab episodes, including a Jochbeibruch, an indoor ligament and various lacerations. The record winner, Landwirt Bernhard, could rake in 2012 all 3.5 million euros after his victory against Raab. In nine experiments, only a woman could beat the Raab.

December 2014 impact celebrated its now 50th TV anniversary Express Inc., today there is the 55th and last issue simultaneously. As usual, in 2015 Steven Gätjen will lead again through the evening, the individual competitions, the cult commentator Frank Buschmann linguistically accompany .. If you want to again browse through past games of Beat Your Host, you can do this in the Pro 7 library in video clips on the individual competitions do likewise. Of course you can here next to each Schlag den Raab games and old beat all the Raab Follow the online stream. The live stream to Beat your Host you see after a free registration with Magine. * The repetition of Beat the Star there on Sunday at 10 am at Pro7.

After his farewell announcement in the summer it will today announce the final episode of Beat the Star. In the live stream you are with Magine online here *.

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