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Adobe Illustrator CS2 Download gives you the full version of the vector-based graphics and drawing program, which was published in 2005 as part of the Creative Suite 2 and with the can craft their computer graphics whose size can be changed without loss of quality.

Thus, the different Adobe Illustrator 2 Download of pixel-based photo editing programs such as Photoshop. The software is aimed, as the name suggests, especially at illustrators and takes with respect to its genre classification is a hybrid position between Technically oriented CAD programs and artistically oriented painting and drawing programs a. Has long been Adobe Illustrator is a standard application when it comes to vector graphics. The program was also the first graphics software, the Bezier curves used to describe geometric shapes precisely. The storage of files is done with Adobe Illustrator in their own AI format, which is based on PostScript.

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Adobe Illustrator CS2 Download: innovations compared to its predecessor

Adobe Illustrator CS2 download contains over its predecessor some innovations: So interactive tracing and interactive painting is now possible and it can be used expanded stroke options and colorized grayscale raster images. In the Control palette used functions in the current editing context are displayed frequently, which are usually in different palettes.

As you come to the free full version

About our download link you get to the download page CS2 with Adobe Illustrator CS2 can download over the ye. These require you your Adobe ID to log you. If you still have an account with Adobe, you can catch up on the same so here. The serial number that you must enter it during the uninstall process, you will find next to the download button.

Only for previous buyers

Note that you are allowed to use only the free full version of Illustrator CS2 and the corresponding serial number, if you have purchased the program in the past either at Adobe itself or a third-party distributors.

Also available Photoshop CS2, incidentally, is as freeware, and here analogy the rule defined in the last paragraph applies.


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