Layers of Fear – Inheritance: All ends and how you unlock them

A look at the successes and trophies of Layers of Fear enough to see that their &# 8211; As in the main game &# 8211; in DLC Inheritance can re-enable multiple endings. In this guide we tell you not only how you may be able to unlock, but also show you the possible ends of the layer of Fear: Inheritance.

A total of 3 different successes waiting for you if you the different ends in Layers of Fear: unlock Inheritance. For this, but you have the horror exploration game also play through several times, which should not be a problem from about one to 3 hours, and a large voltage for a length. In a passage are you going to &Forget it; # 8220&# 8220 ;, &# 8220; Too little, too late&# 8221; and &# 8220; The tree and the apple&# 8221; not make it. We show you in this Guide, like you all three ends of the layer of Fear: Inheritance can see. Layers of Fear_20160806124530

Layers of Fear &# 8211; Inheritance: All ends and their activation conditions

You arrived at the end of the first DLC of layer of Fear, you see one of the 3 possible endings. The decision does not fall to her in the end, but it paves the way for your decision right from the start by her collect different objects or certain actions triggers. So you choose either the your mother away, yours father or discovered that the madness also pulls through your DNA.

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This text contains naturally Spoiler, otherwise we could not describe in detail the ends or their activation conditions. Will you let yourself be surprised, then, plays Layers of Fear: Inheritance first once and then read on.

Mother's way: &# 8220; Too little, too late&# 8221;

Do you want a particularly negative end see, you have to choose the path of your mother you. So you do not forgive your father and therefore does not interact with objects from all childhood memories. This end thus achieved, when you just standing there quietly, just watching. Below, we tell you what you have to do exactly to achieve this end:

  1. Opens not Door in the kitchen, let out the dog.
  2. Are you at sofa Once, not typed to the dog, so he jumps off the couch.
  3. During her posing for your Father does not look at him.
  4. In a memorial you watch your father playing the piano. You can watch the sheet grab and help him. Do you want the end &# 8220; Too little, too late&# 8221; see, you should not do this though.
  5. Ye your mother something audition on piano, want your mother that her picks up the crayons and the notes played correctly. Do not do to unlock this end.

    You enter the world of fairy tales, once you decide on the crayon and not the brush.You enter the world of fairy tales, once you decide on the crayon and not the brush.

  6. At one point you have to hide yourself in a closet. does not push the bars in front.
  7. In one room you will receive a reminder of your mother as she wants to hear some music to calm. switches Not the phonographs at.
  8. At the end you have to paint a picture. selects crayon and find yourself back in the fairytale world.
  9. Considering the torn picture at the end and see the following video.
1453Layers of Fear - Inheritance: Success Too little, too late

The path of the father: &Forget it; # 8220&# 8221;

The success &Forget it; # 8220&# 8221; get her as soon as her your decisions are positive for your father. so reminiscent of the good in your father you and does everything he wants to unlock this secret end. So you have to make decisions in the childhood memories in almost every room. You help your father, enabled her so that this possible end. To do that, you just have the Opposite of all conditions perform from the top Achievement. So you choose, for example, the brush and not the crayon or look at your father, as he portrays you.

It is not important that you perform every childhood memory exactly as described here. It also sufficient if the Much of the decisions are in favor of your father or your mother.

You have your father supports, triggers their next end:388Layers of Fear - Inheritance: Success forget it

The way your lineage: &# 8220; The tree and the apple&# 8221;

This end is by far the consuming. Do you want &# 8220; The tree and the apple&# 8221; Unlock must find her all images and afterwards also put together correctly. However, the latter is not as difficult as all 9 pictures give a total work of art. Do you want to trigger this end, you've got to the instructions at the end &Forget it; # 8220&# 8221; hold. Lists all interactions like and collect the images to obtain this end. In the end it is composed the portrait and turns around you. Here you will find a shelf, which still knows her well from the main game. Interacts with the object and then see the third end. the YouTuber Beth Bear has published a useful video. Here you can see not only the end but also a complete Walkthrough, to this end also to trigger:

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