Whatsapp: Changing privacy settings – Here’s how

By default, the privacy settings are not limited in WhatsApp. We show how you can determine who can see, for example, your profile picture, status messages and read receipts. We also show what data WhatsApp else gathers in the background, what you can not turn off, and whether WhatsApp is really safe.

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  • Change privacy settings
  • The see of you contacts
  • What data collected WhatsApp else?
  • What WhatsApp not actually collect?
  • WhatsApp is really safe?

Whatsapp: Changing privacy settings

By default, all WhatsApp users can see the following from you:

  • The read receipt, so if you've already seen the message the contact.
  • When you were last online.
  • Your profile picture and the old, one-line status (information).
  • All of your contacts can see the new status messages beyond.

To change this, you typed in WhatsApp top right of the three inter-arranged points, and navigate to: Settings, Account, Privacy.

So you open the privacy settings in WhatsApp.So you open the privacy settings in WhatsApp.

writes the on-screen "&# 8230; "or" online "can not hide it. Also, read receipts in group chats can not be disabled.

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

The contacts see that you turn your privacy settings changes

  • If you function last online disabled, you do not see even when others were last online.
  • The same applies to read receipt. Only when it is activated, you see the read receipt from other contacts.
  • If you have the read receipt disabled, other contacts is not displayed when you read their status.
  • If its a Contact blocked, not see this if you your profile picture and your information updated. He also can not see any new status messages from you.

Tip: Disable Facebook connection: WhatsApp.

What data collected WhatsApp else?

In addition to the privacy settings that you can change it, nor is the general theme which data WhatsApp collects about you and passes. Besides the obvious data that knows WhatsApp over you as First name, (name), phone number, etc. The following data are automatically collected:

  • Equipment and connection data: WhatsApp collects data on your device model, operating system, browser, IP address, the mobile phone network, the phone number and device ID.
  • Status and Contact data: WhatsApp registered your status messages or your contacts. The application has access to your address book and all local data and so find out who has also installed Whatsapp from your contacts.
  • Location: If you use the location feature of WhatsApp, this information will also "for diagnostics and troubleshooting problem or" saved
  • Usage and log-in information: WhatsApp keeps track of how you use the app, where you typed, etc. In addition, data from diagnostic, fall-, web page and performance log files are stored.
  • Transaction data: If you paid for WhatsApp services, facebook usually receives payment confirmation from stores or third party.
  • Cookies Information: WhatsApp uses cookies to show, for example, relevant content to the serving of you WhatsApp services (targeted advertising).
  • WhatsApp server: They collect, among other information, if and when you sent messages or receive, who the sender and who are directly concerned (with associated phone numbers).

Although the data Sammelei does not sound good, you have to remember that WhatsApp has to perform many of the above points, in order to offer the WhatsApp service in the form at all.

Does not collect WhatsApp?

  • WhatsApp collects a name, e-mail addresses and other information from your address books or.
  • In addition, any site-related data are collected, provided it does not use the option.

WhatsApp is really safe?

  • In April 2016 Whatsapp introduced an end-to-end encryption for all users. This is to all the news, photos and videos now encrypted and not visible for others.
  • However, a short time later became known that WhatsApp has a backdoor, which can overturn the encryption and do with it void.
  • What is a proper, secure end-to-end encryption?

As you can see the whole thing? WhatsApp uses your convenience despite privacy concerns or do you have befriended you already with other services such threema or signal?

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