Amazon complaint – Here’s how

You are not the customer, a third party or you get satisfied the wrong product and wish to file a complaint with Amazon? We tell you the following guide on which way works best and what you need to consider their case.

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It's probably all happened before: you have ordered something from Amazon and a wrong or defective goods get delivered. This is particularly annoying when it should be a gift for someone or you have just very happy you on the product. Especially when combined with an incompetent third party or an unfriendly service team of each company can be annoying. but you can also file a complaint on Amazon. We tell you how this works. If you want to be informed instead on Amazon Prime, you can do that here.

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Amazon complaint: ye submit the complaint

At least I was always satisfied with the Amazon service, and even the third party in the past and had even with a wrong delivery or other complications so far no reason for a serious complaint. But since this can also be different, we tell you on what you should pay attention to her:

  • Login you one on Amazon and click the bottom right of About Us.
  • Again, scroll down and on Quick fixes and click Contact Us.
  • Now you will select a theme and detailed information about your concern. So the customer service your request white classify directly and can help you with it, ideally directly.
  • In the last step you can choose how you want the service to contact and have the choice between e-mail and telephone. The Amazon phone number and other information about Amazon customer experiencing it with us.
amazon complaintsHere you can submit a complaint or contact Customer normal.Start Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

The complaint with Amazon as the last stage of escalation

A complaint should always be the last step. If you phone with the customer service, retain in mind that these people are the mouthpiece of the company and usually have no effect on the ordering process. At the end of the service is there for helping customers. In short, be friendly, then is (almost always) helped friendly.

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If you have problems you had with a third party, you can also use the same form to contact them. As a first step, we recommend that you always only the seller to contact before you escalate the problem to Amazon. Often, the third party directly very helpful.

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