Minecraft TNT: Building and remote ignition – All about the explosive blocks

Bang, Boom, Bang! With TNT you can do mischief in Minecraft lot. With the explosive force of explosive blocks that resolves some of the problems in a spectacular way. We give you all information about the red blocks, to explain to you how you it manufactures and best used in the game.

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Minecraft TNT: So you it establishes

Naturally you find in TNT Minecraft in desert temples as part of traps that are associated with base plates. Much easier and less dangerous, however, is to produce the explosion blocks themselves. Everything you need for this are:

  • 5x black powder
  • 4x sand or red sand

Arranges the ingredients as follows in the workbench:

Minecraft crafting TNT

Black powder you can win by killing Creepern and Ghasts. Sometimes, however, it is also found in chests of dungeons. Normal sand be found in desert regions and red sand exclusively in mesas.

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Minecraft TNT: activation and blast radius

Have you made you a dynamite block, there are the following options to enable it:

  • with a lighter
  • by a signal Redstone
  • by bombardment with a fire arrow
  • with a launcher block
  • by a fireball
  • by contact with the spreading fire or lava
  • when it is located in the radius of an explosion (e.g. from a different TNT-block)

TNT behaves like a creeper with the same devastating effect in an explosion. The time between activation and explosion is four seconds. During this time the block just flashes eight times, then it expands and explodes. other TNT blocks are located in the radius of the blast, they also explode, making them ideal for planned chain reactions.

Once TNT is enabled, you can not defuse it and not destroy it. Unlit blocks you are allowed, however, break down safely. With TNT blocks you can be faster than mine by hand, but this is not recommended because 75 percent of the proceeds will be destroyed by the explosion in the cut.

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Do not leave now drop the lighter!Do not leave now drop the lighter!

Minecraft TNT: So you set up a trap with explosives

TNT is perfect as a trap for monsters and players. The best options are in the form of a case as a pedal or landmine. For this, you must carry out their following steps:

  1. Dig a hole size 1&# 215-1.
  2. Lines the fields below with obsidian.
  3. Placing the TNT below the tube opening.
  4. Sets a block sand or gravel on the TNT and above a printing plate.
  5. For camouflage, you should also line it with sand and gravel the surrounding area.


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