install WhatsApp, here’s how

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger programs, so an alternative to SMS and chat applications. As you install WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android smartphone? That's how it's done:

install WhatsApp, here's how

I first explain the installation of WhatsApp on iPhone. For Android it runs almost as, see below in the text. Then I go even a short on the further establishment of WhatsApp.

Installation and Setup: All steps quickly & simply explained in the video:
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Tip: Here we show you how to WhatsApp can install 10 in Windows: install Whatsapp in Windows 10 and uninstall - Here&# 8217; s.

install WhatsApp on iPhone

First, you load the app from the App Store, the best on the iPhone. The download of WhatsApp for iPhone is free. You need the latest version at least iOS. 6

WhatsApp MessengerdownloadQR codeWhatsApp MessengerDeveloper: WhatsApp Inc. *Price: Free

Now the WhatsApp Messenger is installed on the iPhone. Now start the app. The service initially asks for your mobile number as your account is permanently linked to the telephone number.


Give the correct number and confirm it in the next window. Now WhatsApp sends you an SMS with an activation code. Joining him in the app or just click on the link in the SMS.

WhatsApp number SMS Code

That was it. WhatsApp will show you to your contacts that use only WhatsApp. You can now set up WhatsApp (see below) Write or immediately messages, send photos, send voice messages and more.

install WhatsApp on Android smartphone

The installation of WhatsApp for Android runs almost exactly. You can upload for Android (link for the Google Play Store below) or directly from the developer's website, the application of one of the App Stores. On your phone you need at least Android 2.1.

WhatsApp MessengerdownloadQR codeWhatsApp MessengerDeveloper: WhatsApp Inc.Price: Free

After starting you need to verify as mentioned above for the iPhone app your phone number.

install WhatsApp Messenger to other devices

Tablets and computers are supported by WhatsApp officially only via a web app. For this, a smart phone with an online connection is still necessary. With a few tricks, but also a "real" installation is possible, but this one requires its own cell phone number. Everything worth knowing in our tutorials:

  • WhatsApp on the iPad
  • WhatsApp on Mac
  • WhatsApp on an Android tablet
  • WhatsApp on a PC

Then: WhatsApp set

In the settings you can set up Whatsapp. The main points are:

  • profile: Put here a profile picture and a short status message.
  • In the Chat settings define you a background image for your communication. In addition, you lead here by a WhatsApp backup.
  • ┬áReleases: Here you can set up message sound of WhatsApp.
  • Even more in our WhatsApp tips and in the following video:

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