OP in LoL, yodelling and Co .: What’s the abbreviation?

You're right in the game at LoL or Dota 2 and internal chat you come across the acronym &# 8220; OP&# 8221 ;? Not for any gamer is clear from the beginning what is meant by this and what does the abbreviation in German. is not only in the gamer slang &# 8220; OP&# 8221; used for communication, even in the popular yodel app like the letters at the end of a post. Recently you read in Jodel also &# 8220; OJ&# 8221 ;. Read below the practical guide, which &# 8220; OJ&# 8221; and &# 8220; OP&# 8221; mean.

&# 8220; OP&# 8221; is often used in connection with games like League of Legends, Battle Born or Destiny but can encounter etc. you even when fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter. Especially in competitive games with classes, races or special characters gamers like to discuss about &# 8220; OP Champs&# 8221 ;. But that does not mean that the hero should drive the next operating room, because &# 8220; OP&# 8221; is not available for operation. actually means &# 8220; OP&# 8221; in Jodel the same as &# 8220; OJ&# 8221 ;, which can be found at some creative posts. Will you not ask in a PM for the meaning, learn it here, for what the abbreviations &# 8220; OP&# 8221; and &# 8220; OJ&# 8221; stand.

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&# 8220; OP&# 8221; in LoL, Battle Born and other Games &# 8211; What does that mean?

include in multiplayer games, classes, races or simply different heroes, the community also likes to speak of times &# 8220; OP Champs&# 8221 ;. But what does a gamer when he writes character X &# 8220; is OP&# 8221 ;?

  • The abbreviation &# 8220; OP&# 8221; in this case stands for English &# 8220; overpowered&# 8221 ;.
  • In German is called OP though &# 8220; overpowered / overwhelmed&# 8221 ;, that does not fit in this case, but the actual meaning of OP. Rather, it means that a champion in the game &# 8220; too strong&# 8221; is.
  • There are always characters in games that are unusually strong or cause their skills too much damage. This brings the balance upset in the game and the opposing team feels discriminated.
  • Is the Champion balance unbalanced, game developers often tinker around with subsequently the characters and give them an overhaul - a so-called rework in which the character or only certain attributes are nerfed. Then, for example, the attack damage is mitigated with the revision &# 8211; the gamer slang we would say the &# 8220; Damage is generft with the rework&# 8221 ;.
  • But one or the other item is as &# 8220; OP&# 8221; called: If you regenerate for example, after a kill much mana or life.

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examples for &# 8220; OP&# 8221; in LoL and Overwatch

Despite numerous revisions there are for example in League of Legends some Champs, let the opponents like despair:

  • Because of the easy ganking combo (E + Q + W + R) would be the one Darius, brings his kill virtually certain or Master Yi, which also can heal even after a Pentakill. We must not forget the well-liked as hated Teemo that fills the entire map with poisonous mushrooms that can be uncovered only a few items.
  • In Overwatch fans like to discuss whether Bastion, Lucio and McCree did not deserve a rework in order to optimize the balance in the game. For example, after Bastion was nerfed, it holds less out in the open field and is less tanky.

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The &# 8220; OP&# 8221; in co-op play

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What hot OJ and OP in Jodel?

Yodel is a kind of trash chat, their thoughts, funny sayings and other of their daily post to the user anonymously yodel Wall. As a reward, and if you find other posts evaluated receive their karma. Here we tell you what bring this karma points.

  • OP in LoL, yodelling and Co .: What's the abbreviation?
  • OP in LoL, yodelling and Co .: What's the abbreviation?
  • OP in LoL, yodelling and Co .: What's the abbreviation?
  • OP in LoL, yodelling and Co .: What's the abbreviation?
  • OP in LoL, yodelling and Co .: What's the abbreviation?

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can also be replied to a post by clicking on Back yodel. Sometimes under those answers at the end of Jodels &# 8220; OP&# 8221; or &# 8220 / OP&# 8221; &# 8211; but what does this mean?

  • &# 8220; OP&# 8221; in Yodel's original poster. Here, then, the one who wrote the original Jodel replies.
  • For example, if you yodel dasss it just stuck in a train waiting between two stations and passes this tip to the Mitjodler, they may ask you for details: Is the train still? What is the reason for the S-Bahn disorder? Then you can write &# 8220; Apparently a switch malfunction. / OP&# 8221;

update OJ in Jodel - the longed Feature

Since the end of July 2016, there was an innovation that user agrees positive in Jodel update. The answers to a yodelling are now sometimes right with a crown and the letters &# 8220; OJ&# 8221; characterized. This shows you whether the &# 8220; Original Jodel&# 8221 ;, or the person who wrote the original yodel, who also wrote the answer. Thus, should the manual &# 8220; OP&# 8221; omitted -Kennzeichnen under contributions and no one can be mistaken simply as &# 8220; Original Poster&# 8221; output.

OJ in Jodel

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