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WhatsApp is among the most installed apps at all. Since the acquisition by Facebook, there is however always a reason to quench his WhatsApp account. Recently it was announced that WhatsApp will forward the telephone numbers and user data to Facebook. For many reason enough to uninstall the app and remove the account.

But no matter how easy it is not. Many users currently have no longer the possibility of their WhatsApp account to delete. Find out here how you can remove their account and what to do if the option is not available.

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permanently delete WhatsApp account

Deleting the WhatsApp accounts can of course have several reasons. Also a new number or a general lack of interest in the app can cause one wants to end his life in digital messenger. By deleting the app alone, the account is not deleted, but have to make her the following settings:

Step 1: Do you really want to remove your account?

The step to clear the WhatsApp own account can not be undone. If you want to remove it so, you should be aware you.

Although it may take some time until the data is gone also by the WhatsApp servers. Oneself as a private user will however no longer approach. Even if you have created a WhatsApp backup, deletion can not be undone.

Step 2: Delete the account itself

To clear the WhatsApp account itself is quite simple:

  1. Opens WhatsApp.
  2. Now click on Settings.Screenshot_2014-11-10-16-26-34
  3. now selects account.Screenshot_2014-11-10-16-26-41
  4. And now click Delete my account.Screenshot_2014-11-10-16-26-52
  5. Now you just need to enter once your mobile phone number and then confirm the deletion. Finished.

The account itself is now deleted. But we are not finished yet:

Step 3: Uninstall app

Following you can still the app from your smartphone uninstall:

  1. Choose the settings of your smartphone from the menu.
  2. Now click on Apps.
  3. Selects WhatsApp here.Screenshot_2014-11-10-16-29-44
  4. Click after click Uninstall.



Now you have deleted your WhatsApp account and the app banned from the smartphone. Of course you can download it again from the new Play Store and install it.

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WhatsApp: Delete account does not work?

At the end of September WhatsApp has made its new terms take effect, whereby data is passed on to Facebook. The deadline for opposition has expired. Since it is for users who have aungesprochen against the new terms and conditions, no longer possible to delete the WhatsApp account. The settings only can be called, when you have agreed to the new terms and conditions. If one wants to now delete their WhatsApp account, you can not get around it, so the new terms and conditions -and the transmission of data to Facebook agree.

Alternatively, you can withdraw the opposition of the rules, to permanently delete your account.

but not delete WhatsApp account, they help block users?

If you WhatsApp just bothers because a single contact is annoying, you have not separately delete eueren account. In this case, you can simply block the appropriate person. Go for the contact, and select Block from the options. This you can do undo in hindsight.

  1. First click on the menu in the chat window of the contact.
  2. More clicks.
  3. Now click Block.

If you WhatsApp simply consumes too much battery or data, you have the app delete not equal. In this case Greenify helps the apps as long freeze until you manually open themselves and they freeze thereafter.


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