Fable 4: creator Peter Molyneux will continue to make a sequel

Peter Molyneux, creator of the Fable series from Lionhead Studios, has long since turned his back on his now-closed game developer. Fable 4 but would still like to do.

6447Fable Legends - Official Trailer

It was a big surprise when Microsoft announced earlier this year that the known Lionhead Studios from the UK will be closed. At the same time the development of the multiplayer game Fable Legends was stopped and the current beta for some time stopped. As it turned out later, Lionhead had no desire on developing Fable Legends. In fact, there was not only to develop Fable 4 desire, but already concrete plans. Also the creator Peter Molyneux, Lionhead the left in 2012, confirming its interest in Fable 4, which he now underpinned again.