Age Of Empires 3

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Experienced with the third part of the real-time strategy series Age of Empires new adventure and a journey into the past of the people, as you have never experienced before: Age of Empires third

Age of Empires 3

With Age of Empires 3 dawns a new era of real-time strategy. Not only for the groundbreaking game series, but for the entire market.

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With a 3D graphics engine, the name Bang! bears, developers could make Ensemble Studios (now Robot Entertainment) only once nothing wrong. And the Havok physics engine owe some strategy game fans, when it comes to Age of Empires III. So trajectories of projectiles and projectiles are first calculated in real time and collapsing buildings go as realistic then, as if there had previously been no other engine for these features.

Age of Empires 3 Features

Age of Empires 3 is completely independent from its predecessors and offers a single player campaign in which the choice of one of the many cultures a far greater role than in the predecessor.

Playable are the nations

  • Spaniard
  • British
  • Portuguese
  • French people
  • German
  • Russians
  • Ottomans
  • Netherlander

Thanks to the most crucial innovation, the Hometown, the action is centralized and bring you as a player to defend this city and expand. So your empire grows with your capital, which is of course associated with the respective cultures.

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In addition to other cultures, there are still some more units, which can consist of neutral, friendly or aggressive Indian tribes, pirates, bandits and others.

Great new focus in AoE 3 is clearly the military aspect of the game. Thus, the acquisition of resources has been greatly simplified so that the economy moves almost in the background while you can concentrate on the war effort.

Aztec attack Spanish warshipSupport the Atzeken against the invasion of the conquistadors

A total of 24 scenarios in three acts for the single player campaign are available, ranging from 1,500 to 1,860. Supported her Morgan Black and his descendants, the Aztecs against the Spanish conquistadors, Simon Bolivar and ultimately the American Civil War.

age of empires 3 cheatsAge of Empires 3 Cheats

in order to Age of Empires 3 Cheats enter, you simply press the enter-Button for chatting. now therefore get the cheat commands listed below and confirmed again enter.

Give me liberty or give me coin10,000 gold
Medium Rare Please10,000 food
<censored>10000 wood
nova & Orion10,000 Experience
X marks the spotFog of War from
this is too hardYou win the current mission
Speed ​​always winsConstruction times are shortened (buildings and units)
Ya gottamake do with what ya gotYou get the unit &# 8220; Mediocre Bombard&# 8221; (Cannon)
tuck tuck tuckYou get the unit &Monster truck; # 8220&# 8221;
sooo Good&Musketeer; # 8220&8217; ed!&# 8221; in Death of musketeers
where&# 8217; s that ax?You get the unit &# 8220; George Crushington&# 8221; (?)
a recent study did Indicated100% completed
of herd ables are obeseAll animals are fattened


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