Today cable Germany disorder in TV, Internet and telephone: answers and help

You have problems with cable Germany? Maybe there is a fault in the network of Vodafone company? Here you find information about disorders, first aid and where to report.

Today cable Germany disorder in TV, Internet and telephone: answers and help

Almost everyone will have experienced it before: You switch on the TV and does not receive a TV signal. Or the PC just will not go on the internet and the phone line is not working. Possible Cause: A fault in the network of Kabel Germany.

Update: Currently interference with cable Germany

Today, there was a massive failure in cable Germany and Vodafone. Hundreds of thousands of customers especially in northern Germany complain problems in internet and telephone connection. When the cable Germany fault is resolved, is still unclear. There is not a corporate opinion.

Cable Germany: Is currently a fault?

To find out if currently there is a malfunction, you can surf to the site and there Allestö check the current status. Here, users can specify themselves whether they have a problem with the services of cable Germany (whether cable TV or Internet via cable). Individual fault reports there is almost always, but once verhäuft arrive complaints, one can assume that there is a fault in the cable Germany network.

cable-Germany-stoerungThe screenshot we have made on Allestörungen (2 September 2014). Please note that must comply fault messages from users not actual disturbances observed. 


In addition to the sheer number of error messages, you can also view, be reported at which locations currently verhäuft disorders. If there are many messages here, there is a bigger problem. If not, it may well be that the problem lies more on its own hardware and software.

What to do in case of failure with cable Germany?

Cable Germany is one of Vodafone.Cable Germany is one of Vodafone.

If no major problems are reported at Allestörungen, you should first rule out that the interference by its hardware or its configuration is caused.

  • If the connection is very slow? This can have many causes. Read through to the following items through Internet slowly: What can I do about it?
  • Often it helps if you separate all devices for Internet and cable access for ten seconds from the mains and then restarts.

If only the TV signal is concerned, one can briefly * also access Internet TV providers such as the free Magine who the main channels in the program.

Fancy a change providers? From Unitymedia*

Report disorder directly with cable Germany

Of course you can log in directly to cable Germany the disorder also:

  1. You can report a malfunction or check whether a fault current directly with cable Germany.
  2. Alternatively, you can call Germany and inform or notify the interference even over cable: 0800-52 66,625
  3. On Twitter you will find cable Germany, as well as on Facebook.


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