Internet slow, If ye your network makes refloat

Besides its own internet device can of course also the router a big role in the problem &# 8220; slow Internet&# 8221; play. First of all, you have to consider how many users load the line. If multiple parties use the Internet intensively, it is no wonder that the line is often overwhelmed. Here you should think about a faster connection if it is available in their own place of residence. Also it makes sense to change the password regularly and use a high encryption standard to prevent unauthorized access to the router and the Internet.

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If you are connected via WiFi to the router, it is advisable to check the connection quality. If only one or two bars are located at the bottom right in the task bar at the reception performance, call quality is very poor and the Internet speed may be also affected. If you do not have the ability to move the device closer to the router, you can think about a LAN cable or a more powerful wireless adapter *Internet slow, If ye your network makes refloat to use.

Internet too slow? The connection a LAN Kabeles can help with poor Wi-Fi connection!Internet too slow? The connection a LAN Kabeles can help with poor Wi-Fi connection!

Before carrying out these steps should be checked whether changing the wireless channel to improve brings. Take advantage of many routers in an area the same channel, they can interfere with each other. it has, however, a router that soon has 10 years under his belt, one can also think about to add itself a new, as the old and often does not support VDSL or fast-Fi. More specifically on the problem source wireless we go into this article.

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Step Five: See or change

You've followed all the steps and tried the solutions, but your Internet is still far too slow? Then it's time to contact the seller. Sometimes it may be that it is located on a port that is overloaded. But only in rare cases, the providers are ready to remedy this situation. The distance from home port to the next data nodes, larger server or cell tower may play a role. In this conditions, the provider has no real influence.

Often, it says our experience, can or the provider will not change the situation. In this case, a change of provider only helps. In smartphones it makes sense trouble persists on to switch to one of the D networks (whether Telekom or Vodafone or one of the &Cheap provider; # 8220&# 8221; you have to decide for yourself), as these generally much better cut on power tests as the networks of E-Plus and O2. When fixed DSL connection can also involve the cable connection in his ideas, as, for example Cable Germany offers fast Internet access through this port.

At the latest after a change of provider of Internet speedometer should look again like this:

Internet too slow? If you have followed all steps, you should again be able to surf faster!

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