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FIFA 17 running on the console up and down and EA is preparing for the release of FIFA 18th The new version there is certainly a lot to expect and we remain excited. What new features will the next part of the FIFA series bring? We will keep you on this side of all developments for FIFA 18 to date. Now EA CEO Andrew Wilson has aroused our attention.

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FIFA 18 will be released on September 29 2017th In addition, talks EA CEO Andrew Wilson quite openly about the Development of FIFA 18. Opinions about FIFA 17 go sometimes even apart and this is yet hope that FIFA brings 18 enough new features to which mend the weaknesses of the previous and the strengths extended. It is in any case a &# 8220; The Journey: Hunter Returns mode&# 8221; give.

5871FIFA 18: Gamescom Trailer

FIFA 18: Release of the new FIFA title

Since June a release date of FIFA 18 is fixed. On September 29, we go and thus EA remains true and published his football simulation again will act in the autumn months. The editions and Vorbestellerboni are also known. Once more content become public, we will update the information for you, and until then you can directly to our article on the FIFA 18 rumors throw.

Icons for FIFA 18 FUT mode

Finally all platforms access to legendary players. These are available in FIFA 18 under the name &# 8220; Icons&# 8221; known and are icons of world football. It is not only the most powerful cards, but even story variants that we introduce to you in more detail in our icons story mode article.

What's new in FIFA 18

In FIFA 18 you can now perform quick change. These allow you to adjust exchange options before a game in team management, so that they are then completed automatically if it is necessary. You need therefore to make any long pauses and can react to situations well.

FIFA 18 UpdatesEnhance your players with new opportunities in FIFA 18th

come up with the new season more than 15 new skill games added, can wherewith ye your team and players improve. With this you can exercise optimally especially your young players. In addition, you have new possibilities for transfer talks. Speak directly with your manager or members of other clubs or to discuss clauses and offers. A new feature is also that you can, for example, select the goals of a player and when met special bonuses get.

FIFA 18: The new FIFA with improved audience

A construction site for FIFA 18 is the Improving the dynamics of the audience at various stages. Some dissatisfaction of the players with the fans is a tradition, but the Frostbite Engine promises improvement. Already in FIFA 17 a lot of the new graphical capabilities was expected. Some of the animations have improved but still remains the impression that exist in the stands too little different audience types and these as crude wooden figures &# 8220; cheer&# 8221 ;.

FIFA 18What awaits us graphically in FIFA 18

Competitive gameplay and no cheater

The developers of FIFA 18 would like for the coming period on improving the competitive gameplay focus. Unfortunately, no specific details were released, but according to EA, it should be made much more difficult cheaters in the future. The problems and challenges of FIFA 17 will serve for example to ensure that the upcoming games one fair gameplay can offer in the multiplayer features. Whether it will keep away from the game, the cheaters will tell.

FIFA 18FIFA 18 is intended to improve the multiplayer and make life difficult for cheaters.

The FUT mode has been found in FIFA 17 to be particularly popular and there are so many Tournaments organized in this mode of EA. Due to this success EA will work in the future strongly on improving the fairness, so that cheaters have less and less opportunities. We remain excited about what FIFA 18 has to offer and look forward to the annual improvements of the sports simulation classic.

Red cards for Cheater

Electronic Arts wants to actively prevent cheaters as part of the improved multiplayer. This includes that inactive players can be kicked out of online games and thus obtain a defeat. These include players who simply insert for a high leadership the controller to the side, thereby limiting the fun of their opponent. It is also necessary for frustrated players who just shoot Own goals in a threatening defeat. What further action against enemies of fair play will be made remains to be seen.

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