Number26 – experience with the online account

How well the current account of the bank Number26 really? We have looked at the offer even more accurate and describe to you our first impression, to tell you how the registration process is over and how good or bad the app works in our eyes.

Number26 - experience with the online account

Open account in 8 minutes - Number26*

  • Our review is not yet complete. We will actively use Number26 and tell you how good (or possibly negative) were our experience with the direct bank.
  • By the way: Number26 is actually itself not a bank, but only a kind of front end, through which the user has access to a current account of the Wirecard Bank, with which it also closes the Treaty on the account.
  • Wirecard is largely unknown in the consumer area and works for example, together with mobile operators to implement mobile payment methods.

Number26 &# 8211; Experience with the online account

Number26-ueberweisungMoney can be send by bank transfer, or directly via SMS, &# 8211; also to customers of other banks. Practically.

Learn we have the Number26 checking account through the various articles, the current of technology and Live Style magazines about the &# 8220; the latest current account Europe&# 8221; be drawn. An increasingly free checking account with a decent mobile app &# 8211; have suitable for those who do not print their Internet, but always in your pocket. So young people especially. Sounds exciting, you could look at times.

Said and done. From surfing the Web site Number26 and invite us to your browser settings. The design is attractive and corresponds to the typical appearance of many digital start-ups: chic, minimalist, generally good to use.

Experience with the online account - First impression

The first impression is therefore to assess in principle positive, Number26 looks quite trustworthy. If you want to contact support, you get the face of an employee to face. So you want to build a personal bond between Number26 and customers. With a checking account, which is actually operated via the mobile app, not an easy task. We have not yet contacted the support so far, this will still be done to evaluate the speed and quality of aid.

The site is smart, simple and easy to use. Spelling could the makers but nevertheless view again, also the information content, important information can be found after some clicking around.The site is smart, simple and easy to use. Spelling could the makers but nevertheless view again, also the information content, important information can be found after some clicking around.

However, a negative point also falls quickly in the eye when one uses the Number26 website. The lyrics have some spelling mistakes, and the correct use of commas not appear to be completely controlled. Now you may have a slightly different view of the German grammar as the author of numerous articles, foster trust, it is, however, not mean that a company that you want to entrust his money, can not even write properly. On the other hand: Number 26 is only a modern &Overpack; # 8220&# 8221; for the &# 8220; right&# 8221; Bank in the background &# 8211; Wirecard Bank AG. Beautiful a little more professional would be in our eyes but always. but it is likely to involve a little thing that hardly noticeable to most users probably, much less likely to disturb them.

Open account in 8 minutes - Number26*

is something more annoying then know that you have to click around for some time on the side initially until we learn what a MasterCard because belongs precisely to the account. This is namely not a classic credit card, but a debit card, will be charged with the charges directly from checking account, as is usual with a Maestro card the case. Note: It is not at Maestro a Giro card or debit card, so acceptance is not given anywhere in Germany (in Edeka you can so as not to pay).

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Experience with the online account &# 8211; registration

We have of course not only briefly looked at the website and the app, but signed off us for an account. Number26 even promises that this application or opening a current account within eight minutes is done. The first steps are in fact very simple, you simply enter some personal data and receives after an e-mail, the receipt you have to confirm. So far, so simple.

On the subject: Number26: Open a checking account &# 8211; How it worksWe wait and wait. The two minutes maximum waiting time, of course, nonsense.We wait and wait. The two minutes maximum waiting time, of course, nonsense.

After that, however, it still needs to Number26 law also obliged to prove his identity. either the work on the post-identification process, which takes several days. Also, you have in a branch of Deutsche Post. If you choose to be out of the eight minutes so quickly a few days.

However, it is also possible to perform the identification by video chat. For this option we chose. But again it has been shown that the promised eight minutes before all are one; an empty advertising promise. It took about 10 minutes until we were actually connected to an employee. But for this we must add that we probably rang and a rush hour.

Open account in 8 minutes - Number26*

Number26 video chatJews Tach! Eventually, after about ten minutes we had yet again a staff member at the other end. This was friendly and professional, and partly because of the volume in the background difficult to understand. After about five minutes we were done with the registration.

But given we have just waited a little longer. was annoying that the lady seemed only to belong to a service company, which carries out the registration for the Number26. She sat in a large call center, which were still many other telephone operators. And that you've heard. It was partly no longer to understand because too many other calls were made in the background. So I had to ask sometimes several times until I understood something.

the application was fun so certainly not. After all: The conversation was professionally run and well done relatively quickly. Some data were compared, made pictures of the person and identity card and the account then activated.

After the video chat, the app can directly use one already, but still lacks the promised MasterCard, which will probably reach us in the coming days. A debit card, as is usual in Germany, you can only apply, however, if you have paid at least 100 euros on his account.

Experience with the online account &# 8211; app

Of course we tried the app directly once after activating the account. it is very chic and simple.

  • Number26-accountClarity plays a major role &# 8211; OK then!
  • The account balance is displayed clearly visible, as IBAN and BIC. So that is.
  • In the settings we can lock our map and set certain things. Only if you allow it explicitly, you can pay, for example abroad or withdraw cash.
  • For MasterCard and for transfers can set a PIN.
  • Logging out is somewhat opaque. When logging out manually, you will not receive push notifications. If you leave the app or automatic logout occurs, it continues to hold push notifications. But when is the automatic log out? And is not uncertain if the device is stolen? Here we want much more and clearer information.Number26-logout

Open account in 8 minutes - Number26*

What next?

We're not done with our review to Number26, we are now actively using the account, contact the customer service and try to set up a credit facility. All experiences that we are making, you will be able to read at this point soon.

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