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PayPal is always the target of hackers and cyber criminals who want to regularly gain access to foreign Paypal login through fake emails. For some time PayPal users receive regular mail, in which a PayPal account overview is offered.

PayPal account summary by mail - is the spam?

Also in this mail should thoroughly check whether this is spam and phishing, or an official mail of the online payment service.

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PayPal account summary via mail

The email usually comes at the beginning of the month and carries the subject line "Your Account Summary for February 2015". PayPal actually sent such a service mail to list an overview of the transactions of the past month. About the inserted in the e-mail link you can login to you by PayPal and see there, which inputs and expenditure incurred in the previous month via PayPal. The data are not listed for security directly in the mail. Normally, you will receive the email directly from PayPal. Nevertheless, you should not blindly click on the link if you want to get a PayPal account overview, finally, such a content also be quickly adjusted by hackers.

To ensure that the mail PayPal account overview originates from its payment service, should you before clicking on the links following characteristics check:

  • paypal-edgMake sure that your first and last name is given above in the mail.
  • Also your e-mail address is listed again in the actually sent by PayPal mail.
  • Controls the link with the mouse and let you see the link destination.
  • This must lead to the "".
  • Also controls the links in the footer of the email at the bottom of whether this also continue to a PayPal page.
  • If the destination is not listed, or be slightly modified, does not click on the link and give not one of your login information.
  • If you notice discrepancies, you can be assure you by e-mail offered the authenticity.
  • To get an overview of the PayPal account, you should log you out for security directly on the PayPal site and not an e-mail.


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