Appbounty hack: cheat codes and Bot for Android and iOS – Is that possible?

With the AppBounty hack and Cheats for Android and iOS you get in a short time fabulously many points and do not have to download more tedious all the apps individually to make the AppBounty vouchers you. The promise at least countless websites and tutorials on YouTube and Co. But is it really that easy?


AppBounty is an app for Android and iPhone with which you get points for it if you have other apps' downloads. These points can you then exchange them for vouchers, which you can buy movies, games, music and more at Amazon, Steam, iTunes, and more. That's not bad &# 8211; However, you have to download many apps to get points. Exactly why can be found on the net and for some time many AppBounty hacks &# 8211; with the cheat codes you can reportedly collect free points and get rewards in the end, without providing for anything in return. Actually clear that something is not working&# 8230; Or does it?

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AppBounty hack: Cheats for Android and iOS &# 8211; Attention Fake!

The most important thing right at the beginning: We are currently no functioning AppBounty hack known &# 8211; neither Android nor iOS. This does not exclude that there may be someone at some point but developed a hack &# 8211; until now we did not have yet discovered in the wild. One may also assume that the developers of AppBounty have a serious and strong interest to prevent such hacks and other AppBounty cheats by all means &# 8211; Finally, the whole business model Appbounty depends.

Appbounty Product ImageAppBounty Hack: With Cheats for Android and iOS fraudsters try to dust off indefinitely points for vouchers.

Instead, one can observe the same pattern that inevitably repeats itself in all apps. Always where you can win something, there are people who try to cheat the system and cheat with cheats and hacks. Due to the large demand for cheat codes then the network is flooded with a huge number of allegedly tested and running cheats. course work Experience shows that none of these alleged AppBounty hacks &# 8211; but that's not the point.

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AppBounty hack 2017: Download APK and cheats not working

Very good, you can watch the the numerous video tutorials that can be found on the subject on YouTube. Here can you download usually specific apps or click on a link in the description to obtain the desired AppBounty hack code. Just as in this video:

Appbounty Hack YouTube

  • The user should click a link that supposedly leads him to the AppBounty hack here.
  • In fact, behind the masked Link malware.
  • Thus viruses and Trojans are called that infect your computer and get access to critical areas.
  • Among other things, the scammers can then spy your passwords, which can be very expensive for you, possibly with the malware.
  • In addition to the alleged &# 8220; Hack Tools&# 8221; and cheat codes also like disguised subscription traps, annoying toolbars and similar programs that give you a lot of headaches.

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Conclusion: Stay away from pseudo-hacks

Actually, it should have a say common sense yes: Such programs are not common, so you get a working hack, but to profit from them. Stay away from such pseudo-hacks with whom ye ruined just smartphone and / or the computer: therefore applies. That the whole story is highly illegal and you make yourselves punishable with these hacks of fraud, because you need no longer really worth mentioning.


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