WordPress: maintenance mode activate in a few steps

WordPress Maintenance Mode should enable you, when you vornehmt changes to the current system, but visitors should not see it. It shows an explanation page to the user until the changes go online. How to do it!


  • Install WordPress maintenance mode automatically
  • WordPress maintenance mode: Then you must pay attention to her!
  • Download WordPress maintenance mode and manually install

Unfortunately, the WordPress maintenance mode not pre-installed by default. But you can do it through a so-called maintenance-Plugin. There's this maintenance mode plugin for WordPress in very many copies. The simplest show a notification each other a countdown and more extensive plugins provide contact forms and more. Read here how you installed this WordPress maintenance mode plugins and what you have to pay attention.

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Install WordPress maintenance mode automatically

To install a plugin for the WordPress maintenance mode, you have two options:

  • You can search for you as a plugin, download it, unzip it and then upload it to your webspace.
  • The easy way but to download the maintenance mode plugin regardless of the CMS out and install it.
wordpress maintenance mode pluginInstall WordPress maintenance mode and activate

You can Search in WordPress themes and plugins, View and install, leave without your having to CMS. In this method, you seek you the appropriate plugin and the CMS it loads in the background, uncompress and install it.

So you can install a WordPress maintenance mode plugin and enable:

  1. opens the Administration page your WordPress installation and login you a.
  2. Left menu you will find the Menu item Plugins and there the Install option. Calls on them.
  3. Now you can see a selection of plugins and top right of the text box to search. Give one there "Maintenance". That means as much as maintenance or maintenance. Under this designation most plugins of this type are listed. Under maintenance or maintenance mode you would here find anything.
  4. Now choose you one of the many plugins or seeks equal for specific "WP Maintenance Mode".
  5. Click then on "Install now"And after the installation of"Activate".

The WordPress maintenance mode is now installed and can be accessed from the menu. In most cases, you will find the appropriate menu item under "settings&# 8221;. Only when you activate the WordPress plugin in maintenance mode, he really is "armed". Then the visitors from the outside see the hint.

As long as you logged itself are, you can the Maintenance Mode get around and see everything normal. This ensures that you can also keep track of the changes, while the visitors only see the hint.

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WordPress maintenance mode: Then you must pay attention to her!

In the simplest case, it operates a non-commercial hobby page activates the WordPress maintenance mode and tinkering so long at the side around until it is finished. Then you have to pay attention to.

wordpress maintenance mode activeSo the WordPress maintenance mode is active

Quite different is the situation, however, if you operate a commercial website. In the event you the maintenance mode not assume all releases continue statutory mandatory display. The side with the maintenance mode must therefore also your normal, if necessary Legal information contain. In addition, you are obligated as commercial suppliers, your customers Possibility of contact to offer. On the one hand this is simply a good service. Secondly, the competition and shady lawyers lurking just waiting to admonish you with costs.

Asked you so better beforehand which required information must display on your website you anyway. Then ensure that that can be seen on the service side.

Download WordPress maintenance mode and manually install

Of course you can also download it and install it manually as a wordpress maintenance mode plugin. That's the usual way. Seek out the WordPress plugin directory any plugin and upload it down. Is recommended e.g. The already mentioned above plugin WP Maintenance Mode. It has been translated into German, very easy to handle and has interesting features.

wordpress maintenance mode plugin-backendAttractive WordPress maintenance mode with many options

So you can manually set the maintenance mode plugin:

  1. Invite a plugin for the WordPress maintenance mode and shut unpacks it on your hard drive.
  2. Now an FTP program opens and upload the plugin to your webspace. Upload it to the folder "wp-content / plugins".
  3. now changes to the backend of your WordPress installation and calls the Menu item Installed plugins out. There, the plugin will now appear, however, is still inactive.
  4. click on Activate.

Now you can use to set up and activate the WordPress maintenance mode for your visitors the plugin.


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