Luke Cage Season 2: When is the launch in Germany at Netflix?

Luke Cage is the third Marvel Defender with his own series on Netflix. While the Hero-For-Hire was not quite as big hit as "Jessica Jones" or "Daredevil" - still the streaming service for a second season decided. In the spring of 2018, it could go on last.

See here again the trailer for Luke Cage Season 1:

2908Luke Cage - Trailer 2

In the series, Jessica Jones Luke Cage helped out as an ally in the fight against Kilgrave, in the first season of his own Netflix original we saw his life before the encounter with Jessica. However, the story of the avenger of Hells Kitchen is far told. Therefore, the second season of Luke Cage seamless continuation of Season 1 and will be based on the events of The Defenders.

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Luke Cage Season 2: start date at Netflix in Germany

Netflix has missed each Defender own series and the individual heroes then together in &# 8220; The Defenders&# 8221; can occur. For Luke Cage Season 2 this is good news: Immediately after the end of filming of Defenders This was followed by the second season on. Production started in June 2017. Since then is shot there in Harlem and the surrounding area.

Scheduled for release this means that we expect that the second season of Luke Cage in spring expected to start up in the spring 2018th We expect a release in March 2018 from - possibly a little later. An exact date has not yet been called Netflix. When the time comes, we will inform you of course at this point about it.

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What we know about the action Luke Cage Season 2?

Exact details of action Luke Cage Seson 2 are not yet known. Some rumors making the rounds but already. Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker has revealed about the second season that he wants to eventually take up the Hero for Hire story arc from the comics, if that makes sense to the plot. In Luke Cage let his skills and has worked as a contract superhero.

Luke Cage Season 2Luke Cage probably start in spring 2018. Image: Netflix

Conceivable would be that he works with Iron Fist, as both already as "Heroes for Hire" were partners. Actor Mike Colter can imagine such a story also. He also would love to address the relationship of Luke to Jessica Jones and perhaps even introduce their daughter, who both in the comics.

So it would certainly make sense in Luke Cage, if his story is until his encounter with Jessica Jones told separately. After that, the character on the show Jessica Jones could be continued until they turn meets the Defenders. At the moment that is all but pure speculation - as soon as we have new information you find them in a timely manner with us!

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