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Moment. Indexing. That's when a game is prohibited, right?

Well: not quite. Actually, something did not. Indexing means that a corresponding game is subject to an application ban, not given to anyone under 18 years of age and may not be offered in the German mail order. So take anything other than "no youth release" and "not at Media Markt and Amazon available" basically.

Dying Light Release: Zombies on the way to the back roomDying Light Release: Zombies on the way to the back room

Let's say, Dying Light would be in 1997 released for PC and Playstation (not for the Nintendo 64, I ask you!). After a downgrading of the graphics and the game world yet thrilling parkour action, pixelated protagonists and a possibly awkward storage system would have us to do. Hach, then&# 8230; Well, "would", because in 1999 as the Backstreet Boys were current and Buffalo shoes fashionable, Dying Light would without batting an eyelash of the undead immediately landed on the index - age rating or not.

At that time, an age characteristic of the USK has in fact not protected from indexing. And then I had a problem, I would want to buy me this game. I should have waited with the family on my next vacation in Austria to bring me the game abroad. Maybe I would have paid on a dubious video game and film market in a gym misappropriated a fortune on a pirated version of the game. In short, it would have been really difficult to get at the game.

can build cars back to the age where I turn my cell phone camera movies with the 3D printer.

Oh, Snap! Dying Light did not get released in the USK, the marking was denied! Probably, the Panel must find that too many indexing criteria of BPJM as they are laid down by law, are met. This is a shame, but we'll get to later.

Now I can not just turn on my PC and download the game for me on Steam on January 30. And I can not run on January 30, also in sweatpants to Saturn to get me the game. Crap. But hey, 2015 is thanks! When the Saturn already does not want me, then I'll go just to Müller drugstore in the multimedia department and ask the nice saleswoman there specifically for the game. If you do not have because I can just order it. Easy, right?

MOOOOOOMENT! An indexed game? I make myself as not punishable? Makes drugstore Müller as not punishable?

No. Neither do I make myself liable to prosecution nor the good Mr. Miller. Why? Well, as mentioned earlier there is a ban on application indexed games. Nothing and no one prevent a person of age from going into a store and buy the game "under the counter". Now, sadly, that especially the northern half of the nation does not have very many opportunities to pay the Mr. Miller a visit. And indeed it is so, that this tactic, for example, at Media Markt, Saturn or GameStop has little success. everyone is allowed on the open market, of course, decide what he sells. Therefore, in aforementioned stores, unfortunately, practice to refrain indexed title - possibly want either do not scrape his image or you want it the sales staff not expect that it really has to deal with the offered products. &# 8220; Your Light? Nee, dit ham wa nich. Weeß ick but Nuesch wat se there with my injected !?&# 8221 ;.

Alternatively, a transition to the video store can (yes, sometimes there is something yet!) Help to lead you to the desired product, there may Title namely also be ordered and delivered to major persons. Just not on the shelf, but on demand. Of an endless list of foreign shipping providers from your home internet from never mind.

dying light 3Dying Light Release: First queues forming in front of the southern German drug stores

If a small Steve Jobs rests in you and you physical carrier media already finds it hard meaningless, of course there are online options to arrive at official keys for the game you want. Requirement in all of this: you are of legal age. But that should probably go without saying.