FIFA 17: Companion App – information about the app and download

A companion app for smartphones is available for many games &# 8211; FIFA series published Companion apps for years. In order to always have your team in FIFA 17 going this year will again be available a companion app in the Store. We'll give you more information and to show you where you can download them.

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Since FIFA 13, the Companion App Android and iOS smartphones to have. In addition to the companion app, a web app will be unlocked at the same time that you have to use for example to unlock the companion app. We show you in this article to FIFA 17 which conditions the companion app owns and can download as you them. You will also find more below Learn about the features the application.

FIFA 17: features the companion app

The FIFA 17 app is completely free and comes to Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. With the official companion app keep you your Team from the FUT mode in their hands and they can further optimize. the popular &# 8220; FIFA Ultimate Team&Mode; # 8221 has for years been an integral part of the FIFA series and is one of the most popular modes in the game of football. Here opens her pack and pulls you coveted players to compose you the ultimate team.

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In addition, you will not miss any important Send more of your friends and be at FUT transfers and Pack discounts notified. Other features in the overview:

  • Organizes your team from the FUT mode.
  • Builds you a team for the Draft mode together, with which you can then play on the console.
  • Browsing on the FUT-17 transfer market and finds new players, objects and Co.
  • buys you FUT packs in Store.
  • Look at the &# 8220;Team of the Week&Crews of at; # 8220th
  • Has access to EA Sports Football Club and read news and notifications to the game as well as the company.
  • Plan your absolute Dream Team and see how they harmonize with FUT Dream Squad.
  • The new Squad Building Challenges App are installed in the Companion. With the app you have your progress on the PC or the console on the smartphone and can continue to tinker here to get rewards.
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Release and request the companion app

The Companion app from FIFA 17 was finally on 21st September released. Anyone who already has the official FIFA 16 app gets an update to the new version of the application. The app provides the following requirements for your phone:

Release dateSeptember 21, 2016
size42 MB25 MB20 MB
supported languagesEnglish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, SpanishEnglish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, BrazilianGerman, English (US), Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian
compatibilityrequires iOS 8.2 or later, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod TouchAndroid 4.1 or higherWindows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1
downloadto iTunes*to Play Store*Microsoft*
Source: www.fifauteam.comSource:

Has her they will update automatically FIFA 16 app. After that it is not possible anymore, to manage your old FIFA 16 team. to your see friends in the app to, you must first add them to the console or PC. Before you can use the companion app, you need a Origin account. Do you want the functions of FIFA Ultimate Team use, you need a team in FIFA 17, have already completed some games with it too. In addition, first you have the Start Web App.

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