iPhone 7: Load Wireless – Here’s how

Wen disturb the annoying cable that can 7 just download their iPhone wirelessly. The battery life will thank you. We show you the following tip on how that works.

92619iOS energy saving tipsHere you can see an iPhone 7, which is loaded wirelessly via Qi standard.Here you can see an iPhone that is loaded wirelessly via Qi standard. Source: Amazon
  • iPhone 8: Wireless Load factory

Apple's future is wireless, as you can see by the example of the new Apple Airpods. The iPhone 8 would thus come up with Qi technology for wireless charging. In the iPhone 7, Apple has not yet adopted the concept for the battery. Here you have still a cable company at hand - at least when it comes to Apple. Because you can Load iPhone 7 wirelessly!

Advantage: , IPhone 7 place it on the charging station while you work on MacBook or PC and let it charge alongside. No annoying cable fumbling on the smartphone. This is especially handy because Apple is not known for great iPhone batteries. The occasional wireless incidentally-charging day here can bring a lot to increase the battery life.

You can load the iPhone 7 wirelessly? - Yes, you can!

From the factory, the iPhone 7 supports no way to charge your smartphone wirelessly. However, one can quickly change that: it requires only a Qi charger and an adapter for your iPhone 7. This is plugged into the charging socket and then the wireless charging can start.

Load inductively iPhone 7

To load the iPhone 7 inductive, you need the following:

  • Qi a compatible charging station *iPhone 7: Load Wireless - Here's how
  • a Qi adapter for the iPhone 7 *iPhone 7: Load Wireless - Here's how
By Qi adapter her your iPhone invites wirelessly.By Qi adapter her your iPhone 7 invites wirelessly, similar to the image. Source: Amazon*

So invite her your iPhone 7 with charger and adapter wirelessly on:

  1. Qi puts the adapter into the charging jack of the iPhone.
  2. Fixes the rectangular loading surface (Charging receiver) of the adapter on the smartphone back.
  3. This is thin enough yet to install a protective sleeve over it.
  4. Put up your Qi charging station to the current.
  5. Sets the iPhone with the back down on the Qi charging station.
  6. At the battery indicator you recognize whether your iPhone is receiving power.
So you mounted the Qi adapter for the iPhone. 7So you mounted the Qi adapter for the iPhone 7. Source: AmazonStart Photogallery(77 images)Concept of iPhone 8 with flexible display: Bold in the future

Disadvantages of the wireless charging

The wireless charging also has some disadvantages, which look like this:

  • Wireless charging takes longer than via a cable in general. If your iPhone 7 (Plus) therefore requires about 3 hours by cable to charge completely, it can take 4.5 hours for the wireless store. Since the iPhone 7 has no quick charge function, which, however, does not fall painfully significant.
  • Under certain circumstances, the case back warmed slightly during charging.
  • If you use the iPhone intensively during the Qi charging, so it can get very warm under certain circumstances.

Here you learn the way how you can load at the same time and listen to music with your iPhone. 7

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