Skyrim: The stones of Barenziah – Sites and Benefits

Do you have &# 8211; like me &# 8211; in Skyrim to uncover all the puzzles and complete all quests the claim, you are definitely at some point pushed about them: The stones of Barenziah. Where have all the &# 8220; unusual stones&# 8221; can actually make and what they are good, learn it here.

Skyrim: The stones of Barenziah - Sites and Benefits

Do you find the first stone of Barenziah, you will of this than in the inventory &# 8220; unusual stone&# 8221; displayed. An entry in the diary does not recommend, however, you go with this to an estimator, which you will find in Vex of the Thieves Guild.

A stone of BarenziahA stone of Barenziah

This identifies the stone as a stone of Barenziah an applicable long as verschollenem part of the crown of Barenziah gem. You will receive from her the Quest &# 8220; break no spikes from the crown&# 8221 ;, in the course of which should make it with all 24 parts identified.

Below we have listed all of you localities in Skyrim, where you can find the pink flashing gems.

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The localities of the stones of Barenziah

  1. Dwemermuseum, Fortress Under Stone: The first left space
  2. Good tip pride, loneliness: In the bedroom
  3. House Black Thorn: bedroom
  4. Steinbach cave: At the end of the cave
  5. Ansilvund: grave chamber
  6. Gap Stone Canyon: Altar in front of the word wall
  7. Kiefer watch: At the end of the vault
  8. Palace of the Kings, Windhelm: First door left of the Arcane Enchanter
  9. Kite festivals, White Run: Chambers of Jarl
  10. Fortress twilight: Countertop workshop
  11. Fortress mist, Rifton: Chambers of Jarl
  12. House Clan Schmetterschild, Windhelm: bedroom
  13. Dead crows rock: On the altar
  14. Treasury, Markarth: bedroom
  15. Cave at Hobswasserfall: sleeping quarters
  16. Academy of Winterhold: Chambers of the Archmage
  17. Refuge of the Dark Brotherhood: Astrid's room
  18. Halls of the Dead, White Run: grave niche
  19. Rannveigs fasting
  20. Jorrvaskr, White Run: Chambers of the Herald
  21. Thalmorische message: Bedroom on the 1st floor or cave with the Ice Troll
  22. Blue Palace, loneliness: Chambers of Jarls
  23. Yngvild: Behind the throne
  24. Holde Kreckin: captain's cabin

The Crown of Barenziah

The Crown of BarenziahThe Crown of Barenziah

Have gathered you all stones from Barenziah, congratulates you Vex and tells you the last suspected whereabouts of the Crown of Barenziah that will summarize all the stones and a unique artifact of Tamriel is.

You have to travel to this Tolvalds cave, which is located in the Principality of Rift and up Tolvalds intersection at Falmern and other mesentery past fighting. In the end, you can expect the missing caravan whose spirits attacking you, before you can take the golden jewel in reception.

In the cistern of the thieves guild's crown is then issued with the other trophies of your thieves tours and gives you the so-called when activated &Gem serendipity; # 8220&# 8221 ;, a blessing that you can bring a number of high-quality gems when opening chests.

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