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Over eight seasons Hugh Laurie inspired us aka Dr. House in the eponymous series about a so idiosyncratic as brilliant demigod in white. Here are all about series, Stream, Quantcast & Trailer.

"Dr. House" - Info & story

"Dr. House " (Original title: &# 8220; House, M.D.&# 8221) is an American television series about the Dr. Gregory House, a specialist for diagnosis, which has a special feel for the diagnosis of extraordinary medical conditions. The series ran in America from 2004 to 2012 and was awarded the Emmy and the Golden Globe Award. In the total of 177 episodes of the most critically ill patients, always seeking the right diagnosis. The headstrong and stubborn giving Dr. House has it often clashes with other doctors, including his own diagnostic team, because many of his hypotheses about the disease based on subtle or controversial insights. His disregard for the hospital rules and usual procedures often leads him into conflict with his boss. Houses friend is the senior physician of the Department of Oncology.

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"Dr. House"- Trailer

2137Dr. House - Trailer english

"Dr. House"- Stream

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"Dr. House"- Cast

  • Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House)
  • Lisa Edelstein (Lisa Cuddy)
  • Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. James Wilson)
  • Jennifer Morrison (Allison Cameron)
  • Jesse Spencer (Robert Chase)
  • Omar Epps (Eric Foreman)
  • Kal Penn (Lawrence Kutner)
  • Peter Jacobson (Chris Taub)
  • Olivia Wilde (Dr. Thirteen)
  • Idea: David Shore
  • Production:  Paul Attanasio, Katie Jacobs & Bryan Singer




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