VRR SchokoTicket: prices, range and scope

Who travels a lot in the Ruhr and not always about to get into his own car, or can, should take a look at the "SchokoTicket" VRR. This brings you to a discounted price through a large scope.

VRR SchokoTicket: prices, range and scope

The "Chocolate ticket" is aimed at all students under 25 years. To apply for the ticket, having to be met certain requirements. The application for the VRR student ticket can be downloaded and completed online. In order for the application to be processed, a school stamp must be in it. The chocolate ticket is mailed.

The request*

SchokoTicket: Prices, reach and application for download

  • The ticket can not be transferred and will be passed.
  • The inspectors can thus quite match my photo ID, whether the person actually allowed to drive with your ticket.
  • For this, a passport photo is on the SchokoTicket, a smart card, printed.
  • In addition, the ticket is only valid if a photo ID at the man.
  • The ticket is valid for unlimited travel in the selected scope around the clock.
  • the prices for SchokoTicket differ depending on the scope.
  • Students over 15 years of age must annually submit a Schulbescheinigung to prove the legitimacy of the ticket.


August 1, 2015, the range of the SchokoTicket was expanded. Now owner of the ticket can also travel freely in the peripheral areas of the VRR scope of the Ruhr-Lippe Münsterland tariff. An overview of the scope of the chocolate Tickets are available online as a PDF download.


The current prices of SchokoTicket 2015:

price-levelper monthper day (calculated)
D33,35 €€ 1.10
e50,35 €1.66 €

For beneficiaries results in a reduced monthly price you have to wear for the SchokoTicket. The beneficiaries are students whose closest school, 2 km (elementary school) up to 5 km (secondary education) away from their own home.

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SchokoTicket invalid or blocked?

In some cases it can happen that the ticket has been suspended or chip can not be read. then a message appears on the display, also a sound is played. Reasons for blocking there may be some. Thus, can. have been as incidental use an expired ticket after a more recent version was issued. The locked ticket is drawn in by the driver, a corresponding document issued. the receipt is the ticket for that day. Here one should look directly the way to the Customer Center to clarify why the ticket was locked. This is true even if the card can not be read.

terminate SchokoTicket &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

no longer needed her the ticket or you are not a student anymore, you can cancel the SchokoTicket. This you can do easily accessible via the corresponding PDF form.

  • The notice must be submitted in writing with a notice period of 6 weeks.
  • If the deadline is not met, the notice applies only to the end of the second month.
  • Where you have to send the chocolate ticket dismissal, you learn about how printed on the ticket address.
  • There, the customer number is printed, which must be specified in the notice.
  • The minimum term for the SchokoTicket is 12 months.
  • Is canceled before the end of this time, the price of a general monthly pass for the period will be charged.

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