Skype ID: What is behind it?

What is meant by Skype ID is not entirely clear. We tell you what can be meant by the term and how you can use the ID.

Skype ID: What is behind it?

Skype ID = login information

If you sign up in the desktop client or in the mobile app, you are asked plus password for your Skype Name. This is usually your Skype ID. With these two pieces of information you can use all services of Skype, which are unlocked for you to book other services.

To purchase additional features for a fee, you must login with you username and password on the Skype website. Here you can, for example, to complete Skype Premium subscription.

If you have set that you want to automatically let you sign in to Skype when the computer, your Skype ID is stored anyway and you do not need user name and password regular basis.

If you your Skype password have forgotten and it takes a login via the website, learn it in our article on how you can reset it. How can you change your Skype Name, you read elsewhere.


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Skype ID in the Caller ID

When you log into your account on the Skype Website, the Caller ID option is marked with an ID symbol among functions. Here unlock them your phone number or Skype phone number that is displayed when you call from Skype. How can you set up a Skype phone number, we have in the article "Skype Phone: What they can do and how to get them," explained. the caller ID of a Skype phone number, however, is only available in the following countries:

  • USA
  • GB
  • Chile
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Poland
  • Sweden

Skype ID: Conclusion

Normally, the user name plus password is meant by the Skype ID. Anyone who wants to set up a caller ID, but also encounters the term. He can display his mobile number when calling a non-Skype number from Skype.

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