Top 10: This was 2016, the viralsten Fake news on Facebook

Fake News exaggerated in 2016 strengthened their mischief and were often misused for political purposes. According to Buzzfeed News the following 10 Fake News last year were particularly popular.

Top 10: This was 2016, the viralsten Fake news on Facebook

each user is to a certain extent on social networks like Twitter and Facebook to Newscaster: Articles can be shared without a third instance checked the veracity of which will. So it happened again and again that obvious hoaxes &# 8211; but brilliantly fit into the world view of each user &# 8211; to spread like wildfire. It is especially dangerous in hoaxes, are their objective obviously political: About to denigrate certain people groups or individuals such as politicians.

Buzzfeed News has taken using the tools Buzzsumo relevant websites for fake news under the microscope and a list of 50 Fake News created which divided into social networks most geliket and were commented. In addition to articles on the US policy but also won hair-raising stories about fictitious crimes in popularity: 49% of users commitment reaped political Fake News, at least 34% could einheimsen fictional detective stories. The values ​​are based exclusively on the aggregate exposure on social networks with the items from the top 50 list. Dark traffic that is generated when you share with private messenger, was not included in the investigation.

The following are the 10 top-ranked news (German translation of the headline of us); the full list can be found here.

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Top 10: The most popular fake news, according to the analysis tool Buzzsumo

  1. Obama signs decree to ban the reading of American loyalty oath in schools (2,176,777 Commitments on Facebook)
  2. Woman wins the lottery, defecates on the desk of her boss and is arrested (1,765,146 Commitments on Facebook)
  3. Pope Francis stuns the world, supporting Donald Trump as president, Issues Statement (960,000 Commitments on Facebook)
  4. Trump offers everyone free one-way tickets to Africa and Mexico who wants to leave America (801,741 Commitments on Facebook)
  5. Shoplifting: cinnamon roll tin exploded in the rear of a man (764,814 Commitments on Facebook)
  6. Florida: Man dies in meth lab explosion after he lighted his farts (668,842 Commitments on Facebook)
  7. FBI agent and suspect in Hillary email Leak found dead (567,000 Commitments on Facebook)
  8. Rage Against the Machine plans to reunite the band &# 8211; and anti-Trump album (560,038 Commitments on Facebook)
  9. Police find body of 19 white women in freezers, which &# 8220; Black Lives Matter&# 8221; was scratched into the skin (525,066 Commitments on Facebook)
  10. ISIS leader calls on US Muslims to for Hillary Clinton to choose (522,812 Commitments on Facebook)

More particularly creative headlines

  • Man shoots himself accidentally his penis, while he makes a selfie with a gun (No. 23)
  • Drinking water in Los Angeles contains 12% Xanax and oxycodone 4% (29th place)
  • African billionaire will pay each one million dollars to anyone who wants to leave Africa to go to America (No. 32)
  • Daycare, the Fight Club hosted by infants busted, &# 8211; Parents are outraged (No. 34)
  • Heavily made-up woman is held for horror clown &# 8211; and beaten (number 41)

Fake news in Germany on the rise

Also in Germany the distribution of articles and news without them having read thoroughly before or even adequate source criticism perform increasingly become commonplace. Especially in the debate about the refugee policy, there are always false reports about allegedly committed by refugees crimes that were invented simply free. An overview provides the website.

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