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With the ElsterFormular download the official program of the tax authorities for tax returns, employment tax statement and tax return, which allows you to fill out a tax return easily on the computer and paperless submit to the tax office has one.

With the ElsterFormular download it is possible his easily fill in a tax return at PC, the data subsequently secure and encrypted to convey with ELSTER over the Internet to the tax administration. The available here Elster Download brings you the forms for tax returns in 2016 to the PC.

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The ElsterFormular Download provides all the necessary forms for the tax return. Tax Advisory functions are not included here. The ElsterFormular allows capture of Income tax return and the VAT returns. Also the Business tax return, VAT return, Income tax registration and employment tax statement can be reacted with the ElsterFormular directly to the computer and forwarded to the competent authority. For the transfer of wage tax certificate registration in ElsterOnline portal is necessary.


ELSTER fill form download :: tax return and forward them to authorities

About the ElsterFormular all data can be entered to forward this then. In addition, the program creates a &# 8220; compressed tax return&# 8221 ;, which is to be printed out and sent to the competent tax office so that Tax return processing becomes. The form view can be continuously enlarge. This ensures that people have no problems when filling out the form magpie with a visual impairment. Forms of recent years can appear side by side in order to thus compare them easily.

  • create tax return online
  • ElsterFormular 18 for tax returns in 2016
  • Paperless tax return
  • Encryption via 3DES and RSA
  • Independent filling out the forms
  • Import data from previous years
  • Functions through tools called strips
  • calculation of the tax
  • submit forms online to the tax office

Comprehensive information and support for creating a tax return for offers. As the WISO tax savings book download.

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ELSTER: Forms for tax returns at the computer

All necessary data can be entered by means of the usual form surface directly from the keyboard. If you have problems is a detailed help function. This has the same scope as the official guide. Has already been used in the previous year ElsterFormular for tax calculation, registered data for the acute elle statement can already be taken. ElsterFormular also offers plausibility checks in for the swift processing the tax office. The integrated compare function ensures that the declaration data and data of the assessment can be checked for possible deviations.

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