Set up Google Authenticator for Windows, Android and iPhone

By setting up the Google Authenticator, the two-factor authentication for many online services can be activated, thus significantly increasing the safety at work on the Internet. Data theft is becoming more common for the subject of daily online visits, so that recommended setting up the Google Authenticator.

Set up Google Authenticator for Windows, Android and iPhone

The added security of Google Apps is intended to, among other security measures, such as are the use of strong passwords. After setting up the Google Authenticator obtained an additional protection for its own account by a one-time password which is sent via smart phone with a text message or within an app.

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Set up Google Authenticator for added security on your PC

  • Login you about a strange device into your own Google account, the two-factor authentication is used.
  • Here, you get a code by SMS or directly via the app from Google, which must be used to confirm the login.


First, the app must be downloaded for free from the Play Store or iTunes App Store on each device. The Google Authenticator download is free.

To set up the Google Authenticator on Windows, proceed as follows:

  1. Login you have an account in your Google.
  2. Click on your picture in the upper right corner.
  3. Selected in the "Account" settings for the "Security".
  4. Here, the "two-step verification" can now be set up.
  5. Now you can decide whether the safety mechanism via SMS or app is settled.
  6. For this, the app must additionally be opened on that device.
  7. "Add Account" click here when you first set up.
  8. the smartphone can now be connected in two different ways with the account.
  9. Either you scan a QR code to complete the facility - this, however, a barcode scanner app is provided on the device.
  10. Alternatively, the account can be added manually by a key.


Set up Google Authenticator app with

After the one-time setup is now permanently access the security mechanisms of the Google Authenticator on Windows, iPhone and Android device. Even if the application may extend into individual accounts through the use, you should not do without an enhanced security of its data but in times of data theft. An all-encompassing security, however, does not provide the Authenticator. Although cyber attacks can be mitigated by keyloggers thereby, but by fake phishing sites can continue to intercept passwords also enabled Google Authenticator and use.


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