Windows SKU: What does this mean? Easily explained

from time to time in connection with Windows also appears the term SKU. Also SKU error indicates Windows during installation at times. But what does SKU? We show what is meant by SKU and you can as you correct the SKU error.

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Windows SKU: What does this mean? Easily explained

The designation SKU there are not only related to Windows. SKU stands for &# 8220; stock keeping unit&# 8221; and can generally be in any kind of products found.

A SKU is a form of SKU, as they accurately determines a specific product. Because the product can also be present in several variations - for example, there is an ornate candlesticks of a company in the color blue and yellow. Based on the SKU can be determined exactly which variation is meant.

It's the same with the Windows SKUs. With them is the commercial version of Windows that differ in their functionality. Notably, among other things:

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows Mobile 10

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Windows error message: The product key does not match the current Windows SKU match

This error message gets her if their Windows want to install with an installation disk and license keys that do not match. For example, Windows will not install 7 Home Premium with the associated license keys when her for using an installation DVD, the Windows 7 Professional installed.

However, the problem for Windows 7 can be solved with the following workaround:

  1. Makes your installation DVD a bootable USB flash drive to install. Uses to the Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool from Microsoft.
  2. Deletes on the USB flash drive, the file EI.cfg in the Sources folder.
  3. Installed Windows from a USB stick and selects during the installation of the correct version (SKU), is intended for your license key.
Windows installation: Select here the appropriate Windows version for your license key.Windows installation: Select here the appropriate Windows version for your license key.

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