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Previously there was only destructive computer viruses. Most of which were easy to find. Today, there are more sophisticated Bedrogungen and since then, many wonder how they can detect a Trojan and how to remove it.

To understand why we call these pests Trojans, we must go back to ancient Greece. The Greek army besieged the city of Troy. Since all attempts were unsuccessful to enter the walled city, they wanted to make use of a ruse. Skilled craftsmen carpentered a huge wooden horse. This was considered as a gift in front of the city gate and the Greeks pretended they would pull off. The Trojans pulled the horse into the city and celebrated their victory. At night Greek soldiers climbed out of the horse, where they had been hiding. They opened the door from the inside, the Greeks invaded and took over the city ...126063Giga Trojan Remove Video

And something like a computer Trojan works. Usually it is a program that pretends to do something useful. For this reason, the user starts it. Then it hides, settles in the background of the operating system and begins its malicious actions. In other cases the Trojans land as a mail attachment here. An e-mail pretends to inform you of a reminder and the Appendix infected the computer.

How can I detect a Trojan?

There are various methods to palm the normal users a Trojan. The most one can prevent himself. The three main methods are:

  • The Trojan poses as something useful, or as something you necessarily want (for example, cracked, commercial games)
  • The Trojan is distributed through fear. the user you suggested about that he will receive a warning by email and attaches the infected file as supposed proof to the mail. Many open the attachment, to make sure.
  • The Trojan is smuggled into the system through security holes in the browser while you visit a Web page (so-called &# 8220; drive-by downloads&# 8220;).

Against the first two cases you can usually already effectively protect, by making use of his mind and perhaps his system slightly reconfigured. Software should be loaded only from reliable sources. Cracked programs are extremely likely to be contaminated. And in such Abmahnungs- and invoice mails helps first of all to keep calm and think: &# 8220; I get a warning? And where did they ever my email address? I have certainly not given to a lawyer!&# 8221 ;. And it makes no sense to hang the alleged evidence in a different format to the mail and before that to zip?

BSI Ukash Trojans ScreenshotReportedly, the government has banned the PC and is now demanding money. Even after the BSI Trojans will remove anyone!

Granted, the widening of such terror mails helps a pretty stupid default setting of Windows. On delivery Windows is set that way. That known file extensions are not displayed. The Brief.docx file is then called in Explorer just &Letter, 8220&# 8221 ;. The file we only see as &# 8220; reminder&# 8221 ;. The only strange that there suddenly still stands. Nobody thinks about that &# 8220; zip&# 8221; really should not be on display. And that is there only because the file that is actually called The EXE clearly indicates that it is an executable program file. Were known file extensions not hidden, one would see the full name and might be a bit more careful with his click.

The necessary settings can be the way under Windows &Computer; # 8220&# 8221; or perform in any Explorer folder.

So it goes step by step:

  1. Under &# 8220; Tools / Folder Options&# 8221; a window opens.
  2. The tab &# 8220; view&# 8221; gives us settings.
  3. There should be the Remove hooks at &Hide extensions for known file types; # 8220&# 8221;.
  4. Immediately the hidden file extensions are displayed even when mail attachments.

Files with the extension EXE, SCR or COM should not click. These are executable programs! But also PDF files can be risky and contain executable code. If in doubt, save the file only on the hard drive and be examined by either the current virus scanners, or any Online Virus Scanner.

Against the Trojans infections in passing helps on the one course to keep their browsers up to date. But also helpful browser extensions JavaScript just generally clear and allow only click. Thus, a lot of infections of this nature at bay, keep to. And of course by any time-date virus scanner.

Excellent protection provides Firefox users as the addon NoScript. It disables JavaScript on each side and can then be allowed gradually to secure web pages again.

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