Instagram: Two accounts and use more at the same time – how it works

With Instagram you can not only own images from your life provided with filters and load it onto your profile, but also the profiles of many fellow human beings, friends and family track. If you want to use on multiple Instagram accounts, we show you here how this works exactly.

Instagram: Two accounts and use more at the same time - how it works

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Earlier this year, Instagram announced that it would be possible with an upcoming update to use multiple accounts with a single device. Meanwhile, it has managed this feature in the app and we tell you how it works. If ye are not yet sure how Instagram works, we can help there too on.

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create multiple accounts with Instagram

If you already have an account at Instagram, there are only a few steps until you have also set up a second account. The option is indeed hiding something, with our tips you go but quickly:

  1. Opens the Instagram app.
  2. Typed below links to your profile picture, so you can display your profile you.
  3. At the top right of the screen you see a small gear - typed it.
  4. Scrolls in the following menu all the way down and then tapping "Add Account".
  5. Now the login screen Instagram reopens. Simply register again with new data or through Facebook.
  6. Now you just need to wait for an email from Instagram, whose confirmation link confirmed it and voila: You have a second account on Instagram.


Easily switch between multiple Instagram accounts

Did you first time created a second account, you can repeat that even up to five times. Overall, Instagram allows namely five different accounts in which you can go wild. To switch between multiple accounts, you have to go to their profile page in the app and tap up there in the middle of your username again. Just a list of all your accounts and user names will appear. Tap on the account that want to use it and already you've changed.

Instagram iOSWith Instagram you can now use multiple accounts on one device.

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