connect PS2 controller to PS3: How it works

Although already the PlayStation 4 is available, the predecessor still enjoys great popularity. In particular, after the release of the Next Generation console skin Sony PS3 for bargain price *connect PS2 controller to PS3: How it works out and the games offer can currently be seen exceptionally well compared to the PlayStation 4 yet. Who wants to play with several people, of course, requires a corresponding number of controllers. So you do not have access to deep pockets, you can connect the controller to the PS3 and PS2. Here you learn how.

connect PS2 controller to PS3: How it works

A new PS3 DualShock controller currently still costs around 49 € from Amazon *connect PS2 controller to PS3: How it works. For a PS2 copy you pay currently 29,99 € *connect PS2 controller to PS3: How it works. So who needs only a gamepad for now and then, can save a PlayStation 2 gamepad some euros.

ps2 ps3 controller-adapterWith an appropriate converter you can a PS2 controller with the PS3 connect

So you can connect a PS2 controller to PS3

Since the hardware structure of the two consoles is different, you can of course not connect a PS2 controller to the PS3 easily. In order for the PS2 controller is recognized by the PlayStation 3, you need an additional adapter *connect PS2 controller to PS3: How it works, whom you connect the console to the USB port. As on the old PlayStation game pad lacks the PlayStation button, you should at the start of the Console, the original PS3 controller turn so that it is automatically detected as a controller first

PS2 controller to PS3 Converter at Amazon*

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connect PS2 controller to PS3 Adapter

Did you find the appropriate adapter, can you PS3 games use not only with the PS2 controller, but also access the vibration function of the gamepad. The Ramozz @ PS 2 Controller Adapter *connect PS2 controller to PS3: How it works also supports PlayStation 2 steering wheels for the driving experience on the PlayStation 3. In addition to use with Sony's more recent console you can the PS2 controller hereby also connect to the PC. In addition, the converter offers the possibility to be able to assign players manually. An installation or complicated setup is not necessary for this. You lock the cable once a controller that connects it to the PS3 and already you can on an additional gamepad to access. Also PS2 controllers that do not come from Sony, but by third-party manufacturers can be connected thereto.

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Connecting PS2 controller to PlayStation 3

For connecting a PS2 controller to the PS3 thus it requires no engineering degree and must also make any modifications to your console or on the joypad. The internal technical structure of the PlayStation 2 controller does not differ much from the PS3 controller. Do you have the right adapter, is a combination of PS2 controller with the PS3 nothing in the way. In addition to the functionality and control of the console adapter bring more functions, such as an LED display for the active player to the console. Also the lack of PlayStation 2 button controller can be simulated by an adapter on the PlayStation.

  1. Buy adapter
  2. Connecting the adapter to USB port of the PlayStation 3
  3. PlayStation 2 controller with connecting adapter to PS3

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