See BASE bill online, check and pay

BASE is one of the providers in Germany, where her mobile rates in the E-Plus network will receive. Like many other vendors, also BASE offers you the ability to view bills online. Here you learn where you can query the BASE bill, how you get your costs keep an overview and how to get to itemized.

See BASE bill online, check and pay

Online you have the opportunity to view accounts for the past six months. Login you this *See BASE bill online, check and payinto your a BASE Account. If no credentials are present, a BASE account must be created.

Retrieving BASE statement and itemized

After signing up for a BASE Account you the following services are available:

  • View online and download invoices
  • Setting itemized
  • Manage address and personal data
  • Manage Rates
  • book options
  • Lock SIM card or unlock

See BASE bill online, check and pay

So you can download the complete online account and open on the PC, you need the free PDF Adobe Reader. To query the bill online, proceed as follows:

  1. Log you into the BASE-account *See BASE bill online, check and pay.
  2. After logging already the button "My account" place.
  3. There is an overview of the accounts for the last month and itemized. These can be found under the abbreviation "EVN".
  4. Itemized are available only for the last three months.

With the My BASE app you can get the bill on the smartphone.

The app was not found in the store.


pay BASE statement

In de settings you can specify whether you want to receive notification of new BASE-bills. These can be sent via SMS or e-mail. If a bill is desired by mail in paper form, it will be charged a monthly one euro. In general, the bill is calculated by direct debit from the account.

See BASE bill online, check and pay

Who currently does not have enough savings in the account can pay bills at BASE in the shop and bar for a fee. If you found an invoice wrong, you should first contact the hotline BASE record and check the facts. Are you looking for a new smartphone that you want to use in the BASE network of E-Plus, can be found here.


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