Rainbow Six – Victories: Skip Intro – Here’s how

With each new launch of Rainbow Six: Siege on the PC intro movies are played, which normally can not be skipped. In our guide we'll tell you how you can still skip the intro with a small setting and starts right in the tactical shooter.


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It is a tiresome problem in many games: Annoying intro movies of manufacturers and graphics cards before the game, which can not be skipping. With a little trick in the PC version not anymore. In the following guide we'll tell you how the skip Intro can and starts the tactical shooter without annoying ado. In our test, Rainbow Six: Siege you learn the way how well the newest offshoot has become.

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Rainbow Six &# 8211; Wins: So you skip the intro movies

To stop the intro at the start of the game, proceed as follows:

  1. Go into your installation directory Rainbow Six: Siege.
  2. Now choose the folder videos out.
  3. Here you have the folder startup rename. So for example, xstartup or startupx.
  4. Take over the change and you can start the game without intro movies directly.
Do you see after starting the game right this screen, you have done everything right.

This method works logically only with the PC version of Rainbow Six: Siege. We also give you a guide and beginners tips for the first missions in the tactical shooter at hand. Or you take a look at all the unlockable Achievements and Trophies in the game.

Rainbow Six - Victories play in split-screen, does it work?

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