Enable tiptoi: how it works

The Tiptoi books made by Ravensburger put the good old picture book in the shade. The digital learning books combine the learning and reading fun with an audio playback via the corresponding Tiptoi pen. After purchasing the starter set is necessary to activate Tiptoi.

So you can not waste too much time with the activation and start right away, you can find here tips and hints on getting started with Tiptoi. We also have solutions when Tiptoi will not work.

How does tiptoi?

activate and start tiptoi

tiptoi pinTiptoi is easy to use and should not represent both adults and children from too much difficulty in the operation. So you can get started with Tiptoi:

  1. To activate the pen from Tiptoi, operates the power button at the top of the unit. Note that the pin batteries *Enable tiptoi: how it works presupposes.
  2. Here you can also adjust the volume.
  3. So you can get started with a Tiptoi product, first the power button icon in the lower left corner of the book has to be operated with the stylus.
  4. In the lower section of the book are the different functions that can be operated using the pen available.
  5. To activate the function, z. B. "Discover", "knowledge", "Tell" or "play", just the icon must be selected.

Tiptoi: Enable does not work?

New books and content can be loaded onto the pin on the PC using the "Tiptoi Manager". The pen can be easily connected via USB to the PC. So that the device is recognized by the computer, the pen must be turned on. To activate the pen and to install new books, games, etc., you have to activate the Tiptoi pen. The activation is carried out automatically after the pin connected to the PC and the Tiptoi manager has started.

About the program new Tiptoi content can now be loaded onto the pin, which in turn started using the power button in the relevant book.

If the activation or general use of Tiptoi pen does not work, you should try their following:

  1. Located at the batteries for approximately 10 seconds out of the pen.
  2. Check whether the batteries bring yet sufficiently's performance.
  3. Connecting the pen to the computer and starts the Tiptoi manager.
  4. Click above on "Info" and selects where appropriate "Update Firmware" if the pen is not up to date.
  5. "Check audio files" on can be checked for errors and, if necessary, replace installed sound files.
  6. you can see whether the pen contains all Tiptoi files required for the selected book or game over "administration".

Order tiptoi pin online*

When the pen is not even recognized or activated by the PC, proceed as follows:

  • Enable tiptoi: how it worksTrying to pin a different USB port to connect to the PC.
  • No need to use a USB hub and connects the pen directly to the computer.
  • Examines whether the connecting cable is possibly damaged.
  • Completes other unneeded USB devices.

If you still have problems, you can directly contact the manufacturer to record.


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