Skyblivion: Elder Scrolls modification making progress

An ambitious development team missed The Elder Scrolls IV &# 8211; Oblivion a makeover and builds the role play for several years in the engine of his successor The Elder Scrolls V &# 8211; Skyrim after. An intermediate state.

515Skyblivion - TrailerReady since 2013 Skyblivion in work. As the name suggests, these are the RPG classic Oblivion, which should shine in the graphics framework of his successor Skyrim in a new light.

Now, the team released a new trailer, which provides an insight into the current state of Entwwicklung and some impressions behind the scenes. The focus is mainly environment details, textures, weapon models and the design of interiors.

On the website besides Skyblivion continue to also hotly anticipated new edition Skywind in work, adapts to the third part of the Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind the technical standards of Skyrim.

Since this is a voluntary production and Entwwickler can continue working in their spare time on the project only, not a prospective release date can be called so far.

Here you can order The Elder Scrolls V -Skyrim*

If you want to support the team, you can sign freiwllig you on the Skyblivion site.

Gallery Skyblivion

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