The Witcher 3: Gwint Miracle Guide – this book takes you all the cards

&# 8220; Gwint &# 8211; A miracle Guide&# 8221; is a new book that with The Witcher: Blood and Wine has found and patch 1.20 / 1.21 its way into the game. It helps you tremendously thereby identify missing Gwint cards in your collection and bag. But where you get that book? In our guide we'll tell it to you.

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Was it been difficult to keep track of which Gwint cards already have it or not, creates here the Gwint Miracle Guide Remedy by listing you the number of remaining cards by region. We show you below where her herbekommt the useful book and how it works. In our test, the DLC &# 8220; Blood and Wine&# 8221; you read how well the last adventure has also become the sorcerer.

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The Witcher 3: Gwint &# 8211; A miracle Guide

Do you already have many Gwint cards but do not know exactly how many you are missing or where you have to find exactly you had been here only a few possibilities. Even if you for success card collectors wanted to complete your collection that went just over the graze of merchants and other NPCs against you can play.

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CD Projekt RED has therefore with the last patch the book &# 8220; Gwint &# 8211; A miracle Guide&# 8221; to the game, although not the exact localities tells you every single card, but at least lists the localities by region. So you can see at those places yet to find cards. So the search is less frustrating.

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So you get the book &# 8220; Gwint &# 8211; A miracle Guide&# 8221;

You can book either get the following two:

  1. Defeat the Gwint playing scholars in the Tavern White Garden during the prologue. With him you learn the Gwint rules and he will give you the book as a reward if you defeat him in a game.
  2. Alternatively, you can book for a paltry three crowns at Dealers in Novigrad buy, the north-east of the Place the hierarchs located on the Plaza. The same dealership you also get a potion of emptying the respec and redistribute your skill points.

witcher3-novigrad Dealers

Once her the book called your own, can you open it by double-clicking in the inventory and get separated by region, still listed missing Gwint cards. Thus, you can narrow your search and find missing your cards easier.

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