World of Warships: targets with artillery – So you hit something!

In World of Warships aiming the artillery is not easy, and often, especially the big battleships are struggling with its few but very big guns to hit something. Especially if you want to take advantage of the high range of the big guns. We tell you how you make anyway!

68085World of Warships: The Storm (E3 2014) - GIGAWho previously only Wargamings tanks fun World of Tanks has played, has to get used properly, if he wants to use the guns of a battleship. For where a tank to a few 100 meters there meets quite exactly where he laid down aims and the lead angle are not overly large, it looks at sea already quite different.

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World of Warships - targets with artillery - the need to observe her!

At first when you drive only old armored cruiser, it's not as bad as their heranmüsst very close to the enemy and the ships are quite slow. Keep a minimum before and pumping your shots full tilt into the enemy ship, preferably on the bridge tower or the guns. The former makes it critical damage, in the latter it reduces the return fire that awaits you.

world-of-warships-zielen02Wennd he comes opponents to less than seven kilometers ran her kömnnt hardly shoot next!

But once you your first battleships have, it is much more difficult thing to hit. The reason: The distances to their fires, amount to more than ten kilometers. Therefore, you have to keep both the flight time of your projectiles as well as the movement of the enemy ship in the head and hold it.

So you aim right!

Therefore, the ALT key is your best friend, because then it displays both the distance to the target and the grenade flying time. Now you have to estimate next or watch what the enemy is doing next, but within the flight time.

world-of-warships-zielen04The enemy battleship stands still, big mistake!

The easiest course is a stationary target, such as a ship that has just run aground, colliding with another vessel or has suffered a mechanical breakdown. Then you aim just so that the dashed horizontal line is accurate to the waterline of the target and then let it rip. While all grenades by the distance-induced deviation but not always hit, but most of you will get to the finish so sure.

So you will meet moving targets

Unfortunately we have ships silently rare, so you have to hold. It is optimal if your goal runs parallel to you, you aimed at battleships roughly the entire width of the beam-roan set the objective for fast ships something more. So should good thunder into the center of the enemy you your shots.

world-of-warships-zielen03Here we have chosen the correct angle and the correct distance.

Cruisers are to hit something nasty because they are faster, so aim well 30- 50 percent farther than at battleships. If the target veers or beidreht, you must remember that it makes it slower and on you, relationship-oriented coming off of you. So then aim higher or lower and reduces the lead angle.

But the goldene Regel at World of Warships is always, practice makes perfect! So do not let it get and is practicing like crazy, then you will jiffy born gunners!


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